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Your fan shows no signs of life.

Before you begin, make sure the power adapter is plugged into the wall outlet. Plug something else into the socket to ensure that it is working. If the fan still will not start, try another power outlet to be sure that is not the problem.

After you make certain the outlet works, move the knob from off position to your intended fan intensity, low, high, etc.

It is possible that the fuse in the end of your fan's power cord may have blown. If you have confirmed that your outlet functions correctly but your fan will not turn on, replace the fuse and test your fan again. To replace your fuse, try our replacement guide

Your fan turns on, but air output is low.

Plug something else into the same power outlet to ensure the outlet is functioning correctly. Try a different outlet to see if this increases the airflow.

If the fan blades are worn down or damaged, airflow may be affected. Replace any damaged fan blades. You can check out our replacement guide to fix them.

Remove any external objects from the grill and fan blade area to ensure proper functioning.

Heavy dirt buildup may affect your fan's functioning. Clean the front grill and fan blades regularly as described below.

Turn the fan in the direction you wish to circulate air.

If the fan blades are rubbing against the front grill, they will turn at a lower speed and airflow will be impacted. Determine if the grill or blades are damaged or warped, and replace the damaged part(s). You can find our replacement guides for the grill cover and fan blades.

Parts of your fan are coated in dust, dirt, or other small debris.

There is a possibility of long term buildup of dust and other material on the front grill. To fix this, remove the front grill from the fan and wash with a mild dish-washing soap. Do not place grill in the dishwasher, as excessive heat can distort the plastic. The grill cover is easily removed.

If buildup is on the fan blades, remove the grill and wipe down the blades. Allow to air-dry before operating machine. See the Vornado 133 user manual for further cleaning instructions.

While in operation, your fan is louder than it should be, or produces unwanted noises.

If the blades are rubbing or impacting the front grill, your fan may produce a knocking or thumping sound. Inspect the grill and fan blades to determine if they are warped or damaged; if so, replace the necessary part. Check out our fan blade replacement guide.

==Fan shaft bearings lubrication is low or gets stuck

"Lubrication oil for the bearings is low"

===Dismantle the grill and the blades from the bearing, smear the lubrication oil even around the bearing. Reinstall the blades and grill cover.===

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