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VIZIO VTAB1008 Troubleshooting

Vizio released the tablet in August 2011 as a budget friendly competitor to other tablets in the market in that year. Current the only model is the VTAB1008

Device Won't Turn On ¶ 

Attempts to turn on device fails with no indication of device turning on (screen lighting up or loading up sound).

Battery Needs Charging ¶ 

Try recharging the device as normal to see if the device will turn on to accept recharge.

Faulty Charging Cable ¶ 

Attempt to charge the device with another compatible cable. Faulty charging may prevent device from turning on.

Faulty Charging Plug ¶ 

If your charging cable is USB based, try plugging the USB end of the cable into a different charging plug. If possible, attempt to plug the USB to a computer to additionally test the charging port (computer will detect the device as connected).

Screen is Dimmer than Normal ¶ 

The tablet's screen is unusually dim even in very dark conditions.

Brightness Set too Low ¶ 

If your Vizio VTAB1008 has a very dim screen, make sure to increases the brightness under settings to a higher level. If changing the setting has no affect, try to force restart the device by holding down the power button for 1 minute.

Faulty Screen ¶ 

The back light in the device may have gone out and the screen may need replacement.

Device is Not Responding to Input ¶ 

Attempts at using the buttons or screen show no response from the device.

Device Froze ¶ 

If the device is not responding it may have frozen, try force restarting the device by holding the power button for 1 minute.

Faulty Buttons ¶ 

After restarting, if the device accepts input through the screen but does not respond to any of the buttons, the buttons may have gone bad. This will require replacement of the button switches through this guide.

Faulty Screen ¶ 

If the screen is not responding and both a restart and factory reset have been performed (see Low Sound Setting for instructions on both) the screen may be at fault. The following guide can be followed to replace the screen assembly.

Device Sound is Either Distorted or too Quiet ¶ 

Audio is either distorted or not present when played out of the device.

Sound Set to a Low Setting ¶ 

Check in settings to ensure the tablet is not in silent mode. If the tablet is not in silent mode, ensure that the volume setting is not set too low. If the device is still not playing sound, try plugging in headphones to ensure the device is still capable of playing sound. In the event the device still does not play sound a restart/reset may be needed. To restart the device hold down the power button for 1 minute. If a restart has not corrected the issue a full reset can be attempted:

NOTE: this will erase all data on device if performed

A full reset can be performed by holding down both volume buttons and the power button for two seconds.

Distorted Sound ¶ 

The sound may be too loud for the speakers to play the audio without issues, ensure the volume is not set too high. If distortion persists, the speakers may be bad and replacement can be done through this guide.

Device Will Not Charge ¶ 

Despite trying to connect the device to a power source, the device does not seem to hold a power charge. Or battery loses power very quickly.

Faulty Charging Port ¶ 

If a computer is incapable of detecting the device and the charging cable is known to be in working condition, the charging port on the table may be at fault. Follow the repair guide to correct the problem.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

If the device turns on when plugged directly to power but will not charge, the battery may be failing. Follow this guide to replace the battery.


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