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Vizio CT15 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting guide lists common issues users may experience when using the Vizio CT15 laptop.

The laptop's green power light is on for a couple of seconds then shuts off, or the laptop does not power up at all.

The laptop may not be turning on because the battery is dead. Plug the charging cord into its power adapter and into the laptop. Retry starting up the laptop. If the issue persists after several minutes the entire battery may need to be replaced. Try using this guide for battery replacement.

If the laptop's green power light is not lit while the power cord and adapter are plugged in, you may want to consider purchasing a new adapter.

Laptop base feels very hot and shuts off when powering on or working.

If the fan does not spin at all then it is broken. This means it must be replaced with a new fan. Use this replacement guide for some extra help.

If the fan spins and the device is still overheating, the fans may be clogged with dust or other particulates. To fix this, open up the laptop and clean the fan blades with an electronics duster.

Check to see if your heatsink is inserted correctly. If not, remove and reinsert the heatsink to properly dissipate heat and fix the issue.

The keys on the keyboard are not responding or are broken/missing.

If a key cannot be pressed, there may be something stuck underneath it and you will have to remove the key to clean the area. Remove the key by using your fingers or a wedged tool to pull it out of its place. Ensure there is nothing blocking the key from being able to be utilized. Put the key back in by pushing it back into its place, the key will easily pop back into place.

If several keys are not responding, the entire keyboard may be broken. Consider replacing the keyboard using this guide.

If you have a missing or broken key, you will have to replace the key. Replace the key by simply pushing a new key into its place. The key should easily pop into place.

There is no sound coming from the speakers when playing music or videos

If sound is coming from the speakers but it is broken up, the wire that connects the speakers to the laptop may not be completely connected. To check if this is the problem, you must open the back of the laptop (use this guide to help you). After opening the laptop check to see if the black and red wire on the right hand side connected to the speakers is also fully connected to the motherboard, if not push it back into place. The 4th step in this guide may be helpful.

If there is no noise coming from the laptop when you are sure there should be, check to see if the speaker wire is connected to the motherboard. If it is, the speakers may need to be replaced. You will find this guide helpful to follow in the replacement of your speakers.


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