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Vivitar DVR785HD Troubleshooting

Vivitar DVR 785HD is a pro-action camcorder. Identified by Vivitar model number DVR 785HD and DVR 785HD-BLU.

The device has an unusually poor battery life and runs out of power too quickly.

The Vivitar DVR785HD has a 1-hr long battery life. If the battery life is too short, then the batteries could be faulty or too old. To improve the battery life, view [http://|this guide] to replace the batteries.

Make sure a 5pin usb cable is used to charge the device. If the charging cable is not the issue, then the problem could be either the internal camera batteries or the camera charging port. If the charging port looks broken or the charging cable won't plug in to the charging port, replace the charging port with [http://|this guide].

When you point the camera at an object, the display is blurry.

The camera has three capture modes: Picture, Video, and Vehicle Mounted Video Capture. When taking a video while standing still, the Video mode is the most suitable mode. However, if you are in motion, the camera must be switched to Vehicle Mounted Video Capture mode in order to compensate for motion blur. The mode switch can be found on the side of the camera. Be sure that your camera is set to the correct mode before recording a video.

If the camera lens is scratched or cracked then it must be replaced. The camera lens is soldered onto the motherboard so you must detach the lens from the motherboard with a soldering iron. Try replacing the camera lens with[http://| this guide].

The mount will not attach to the camera. The mount may also be loose and cause the camera to shake while mounted.

The camera directly attaches to the mount via a screw at the top of the mount. If the camera won't attach to the screw, first make sure that the screw is not obstructed and you are screwing in the camera to the mount in a clockwise motion. If the screw on the mount isn't exposed enough to screw in the camera, twist the locking wheel surrounding the screw to expose more of it. If the screw itself is damaged, then see [http://|this guide] on how to replace the screw.

If the mount attaches to the camera but feels too loose or improperly attached, then the unit may be missing a small black washer that is used for fastening the camera mount in place. This washer is one of the smallest and most delicate components of the mount, so it could be the cause of the issue. Make sure that this washer isn't misplaced. If the washer is broken or missing, [http://|replacing it] will tighten the camera mount and prevent the camera from wobbling.

The camera mount has a buckle on the bottom that can attach to either the bike handle mount or the helmet mount. If the mount is attached to a bike handle or helmet on one end, then the camera will not be able to attach to the mount on the other end if the buckle is damaged. See [http://|this guide] on how to replace the mount buckle.

The waterproof case does not seal and protect the camera from water damage.

The reason for this issue could be that there is something obstructing the case from closing correctly. Ensure the camera is placed correctly (i.e. not upside down, or angled.) Ensure there is nothing else within the case apart from the camera itself.

If the clasp on the side of the waterproof case is not secured, the case will not seal properly to ensure waterproof conditions. If the plastic clasp is broken, it must be replaced.

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