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Vivitar DVR785HD Troubleshooting

Vivitar DVR 785HD is a pro-action camcorder. Identified by Vivitar model number DVR 785HD and DVR 785HD-BLU.

Device doesn't power on ¶ 

When the on button is pressed, the device does not power on.

Device doesn’t charge ¶ 

Vivitar DVR785HD has a 1-hr long battery life. If the battery is out of electricity, device may need to be charged. If the device does not hold a charge, replacement of the battery may be required. Replacement of internal battery requires soldering on a small electrical board. If the charge port is loose, the device will be unable to charge and may not turn on.

Button is jammed ¶ 

The DVR785HD has a series of commonly pressed jammed buttons that may need to be replaced entirely. Specifically, if the power button is jammed, the device may not power on.

Damaged Motherboard ¶ 

Vivitar DVR785HD has been reported to malfunction and does not turn on even after prolonged troubleshooting. If this has happened, a new motherboard may be necessary.

Screen image flickers/does not power on ¶ 

When device display is turned on, it shows a black screen or is very glitchy (i.e. the screen flickers).

The screen is broken or damaged ¶ 

If you have recently dropped or otherwise damaged your Vivitar, check your screen for any defects. There may be cracks on the screen, depending on the damage. If cracks can be seen, the screen may need to be replaced.

The backlight is failing or loose ¶ 

LCD screens do not have their own lighting, so they require an external source of light to display an image called a blacklight. If the screen is flickering, there may be a problem with the backlight. Look here for a backlight replacement guide.

Does not record audio or video properly ¶ 

When trying to record video, an error shows up preventing the camera from recording either audio or video.

Lens is damaged ¶ 

Camera lens may be damaged, so video may be blurry. Lens replacement may be necessary.

Memory Card not recognized ¶ 

SD card is not recognized by Vivitar DVR 785HD, and the screen flashes "No SD" when attempting to capture a video or photo.

Memory Card does not fit ¶ 

Ensure the memory card, otherwise known as an SD card, is fully inserted into the camcorder’s SD Card slot. If the card sticks out of the case, the card may be inserted upside down or backwards. If the orientation of the card is correct, check to make sure nothing is trapped inside the SD card's slot, preventing it from insertion.

Damaged SD Port ¶ 

If the SD card port is damaged, the card will not be read. To fix this issue, the SD port must be replaced.

Motherboard Issues ¶ 

Your SD card may not be read because the connection between the SD port and the motherboard is damaged. This can be fixed using the following guide.

Waterproof Case will not close ¶ 

The waterproof case does not seal and protect the camera from water damage.

Case is Obstructed ¶ 

The reason for this issue could be that there is something obstructing the case from closing correctly. Ensure the camera is placed correctly (i.e. not upside down, or angled.) Ensure there is nothing else within the case apart from the camera itself.

Clasp is broken ¶ 

If the clasp on the side of the waterproof case is not secured, the case will not seal properly to ensure waterproof conditions. If the plastic clasp is broken, it must be replaced.

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