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Verizon Ellipsis 7 Troubleshooting

Released November 2013, identified by model number QMV78

Device Will Not Connect to Wi-Fi ¶ 

My device will not connect to wifi/My device has no internet connection

Incorrect Wi-Fi Settings ¶ 

From the home screen, tap the Settings application. The icon should appear like a gear. From the Settings menu, there should be a Wi-Fi on/off switch located at the upper-right of the screen. If not, scroll up through the menu until you reach the top of the Settings list. When the Wi-Fi slider is blue, your Wi-Fi will be turned on. If it is gray, the Wi-Fi will be turned off. To change if you want Wi-Fi or not, tap on the slider to change your device's setting.

*Note: Changing the Wi-Fi from off to on can cause a disruption or disconnection from the 4G wireless network. Some apps or settings only work on Wi-Fi so be careful in turning on and off this setting while they are running.

Airplane Mode ON ¶ 

To access the Airplane Mode setting, press and hold the device's Power button. Once the option for the Airplane Mode appears, check to see if the icon is turned on of off. Tap the icon to turn Airplane mode on or off.

*If Airplane mode is turned ON, voice and data phone services will be disabled. Wi-Fi can be re-enabled in the Settings app. Turning off Airplane mode will re-enable all services.

Faulty Wi-Fi Password ¶ 

Sometimes, the password for a Wi-Fi connection is incorrect. In the case of this situation:

Go to the Settings app. Tap on the Wi-Fi tab (not the slider). Locate the connection that you want to connect to (e.g. Justin's Wifi). Next, tap on the name of the connection that you want to access. If it is a new connection, you will be prompted for the password. If it already has been connected to, you will see a list of information about the connection. To replace the faulty password, tap on the Forget option. Next, relocate the connection that you want to connect to. Enter the correct password and the Wi-Fi should connect.

Device Needing to be Restarted ¶ 

Sometimes, the device needs to be restarted to work correctly with the Wi-Fi. To restart the device, hold down the Power Button for 20 Seconds and then release. Then press the same button again for two to three seconds to turn the device back on.

Device Crashing ¶ 

The device keeps crashing on you.

Unresponsive Device ¶ 

If the device begins to be unresponsive, or will not turn on, hold down the power button for 20 seconds which is the top button on the right side of the device. After the 20 seconds has passed hold down the power button again for 3 seconds, or until device restarts.

Faulty Memory Card or Battery ¶ 

The first thing that has to be done to help determine if something you have added to the device is causing it to crash. First make sure the device is turned off. Then open the memory card cover located on the bottom of the right side on the device. Press in the card to be able to remove the card from the slot. After removal of the memory card close the cover back into place and proceed to start to the device. If this does not work, see about getting your battery replaced by a professional.

Not Being in Safe Mode ¶ 

If the device is powered on, hold down the power button located on the top of the right side of the device until the tablet options menu pops up. Then press and hold power off until “Reboot in safe mode” appears and select OK. After the device restarts an icon will appear to say the device is in safe mode. If this does not work, see about getting your battery replaced by a professional.

Low Memory ¶ 

My device has low storage/memory.

If you have low memory, there are a few things that you can delete from your device. A good way to determine what is taking up the most space is to look at your Memory Usage.

Unwanted Apps ¶ 

From the home screen, tap:


Internal Storage

There should be a bar at the top that demonstrates a breakdown of how much memory is in use, how much is available, and how much everything on your phone (Apps, Pictures & Videos, Music, Downloads, etc.) is using by category.

You can use this to find the right tutorials that will walk you through deleting the culprits.

Deleting an App ¶ 

Apps will most likely take up the majority of your devices space.

From the home screen select:




Scroll through your list of Apps and tap the one you would like to delete.

Tap “Uninstall” and tap “OK.”

Large Text Conversations ¶ 

This can free up a bit of data if you send a large number of text messages containing pictures, videos, or sound clips. This would fall under “Misc Items” in the Memory Usage Report.

From the home screen, select:



Tap the circular picture next to a person’s name whose conversation you would like to delete.

Tap “Delete” in the upper-right corner

Tap “Delete” to confirm

Too Much Cached Data ¶ 

Cached data is data that is stored in specific applications. There will not be much data to free up by doing this, but it’s worth a try and you will probably not notice the difference.

From the home screen, select the

Apps” icon,



Cached Data.”

Tap “OK” to confirm.

Device Not Charging Properly ¶ 

My device is not charging at all or takes longer than described to charge.

Faulty Port or Connecting Wire ¶ 

The first step is to locate the device's charging port on the bottom of the device and check for any type of corrosion. If still in good condition, check the wire and more specifically the bottom of the tip that is usually inserted to see if any loose wiring or bending is visible. If any of these issue are true for you, you more than likely need to replace the charging port or use a new wire for charging.

Incorrect Charger or Cable ¶ 

To see if the charger is compatible, look at the branding of the wire company and then research if that is the cause for error. The two most common brands of charging cables are Belkin and Verizon. If this is not an issue, check that the wall charger is 2 Amps because that is the recommended amperage to charge the battery.

Damaged Charger Source ¶ 

To check if there is an issue with the charger, the first step is to plug the charger into a nearby outlet and then connect it to the device to the USB cable. If the device is still not charging, the wall charger is possibly the problem. To verify it is the problem, purchase, borrow, or acquire a charger that is fully functional. Plug this charger into the outlet and repeat the steps to connect the charger to the device. If the device is now charging, then the original charger was the problem and must be replaced the charger to fix the problem. If the problem still exists, it could be from the port or internally with the battery. The battery should be replaced by a professional, but the charging port can be easily replaced. Here is a link to the repair guide for the charging port:

Verizon Ellipsis 7 Charging Port Replacement

Faulty Battery ¶ 

First you need to plug the device into a wall adapter or outlet to attempt to charge it. If the device does not charge when connected after more than a few minutes, you may have a dead battery or one of the above mentioned problems. If you have attempted all other possible solutions from this page, then the battery will need to be replaced with a new one from a store. Please see about getting your battery replaced by a professional.

Frozen Screen ¶ 

Device is unresponsive, frozen or won't power on or off.

Screen is Frozen and Needs to Be Restarted ¶ 

Press and hold the Power button for approximately 20 seconds or until the device power cycles. Press the Power button again for 2-3 seconds to restart the device.

Needs to be start in Safe Mode ¶ 

Safe Mode can be used to run diagnostics on the device and determine if a particular app is causing problems. To start Safe Mode power off the device. Then push and hold the power button until "powered by Android" appears onscreen. After releasing the power button press and hold the volume down button until the words "Safe Mode" appear on the left of the screen. At this point release the volume down button and Safe Mode will start.

Device Stuck With All Other Methods ¶ 

Allow the battery to be completely depleted then recharge the device fully. This may enable it to recover if it is stuck in an active state. An active state would include being stuck in one app, continuously playing music, stuck on home-screen, etc.

Faulty Memory Card ¶ 

*Caution: Don't remove the memory card with the device powered on, this may harm the card or device.

Remove the memory card to to see if there are any issues with the memory card, or any possible third party applications still exist. Ensure the device is powered off. Open the SIM card and memory card cover. Press in on the card to unlatch, then pull the card out. Align the side cover then gently press it into place. Turn on device and see if problem has stopped. If it has not, you may have data corruption on the memory card.


Bought a Verizon tablet 4g lte from a pawn shop do I need a knew sim card

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Bought a Verizon tablet do I need a knew sim

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