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Velocity Micro Cruz T301 Troubleshooting

This Cruz tablet model was released in 2010, it could be identified by its model number: Cruz Tablet T301

Not Turn ON or freezing ¶ 

You have trouble turning ON your Cruz T301 or Freezing

1- Locate the Cruz RESET location, between the Power Button and mini-USB port.

2- Using the straightened end of a small paperclip, insert it perpendicularly into the RESET hole and hold for 5 seconds.

  • If the steps above do not allow you to power on again, then continue with the steps below:

3-Remove the Cruz from the charger and eject the External SD card.

4- Place the Cruz face down on the desk, starting at the External SD slot, and pull off the back cover of your Cruz.

5- In the lower left corner of the back of your Cruz, locate the battery power cable. Unplug the cable and plug it in again.

6- Return the back cover to your Cruz and snap it into place.

7- Re-insert your External SD card and power on your Cruz.

8. Turn on your Cruz

Fail to connect to WiFi ¶ 

You have trouble connecting to WiFi on your Cruz T301 tablet

1. First, turn off the network security (Disable encryption) in your router to make it “open”.

2. Connect your Cruz tablet to your router, open the browser or other internet app, to make sure you have internet access.

3. Hold down the WiFi connection option in your tablet and select “forget” to delete it.

4. Turn off your Cruz tablet. Re-establish your previous security settings in your WiFi router.

5. Turn on your Cruz tablet and connect to the network again.

Distorted Audio ¶ 

You have trouble listening to sounds on your Cruz T301

If the audio sound is distorted, when listening through the headphones, you might be using the wrong headphone type. The Cruz model uses two headset types, featuring two connectors styles: a TRR and a TRRS. Be sure to use the TRR connector for optimum audio quality. For more information on the issue, check the link:

Browser crashes after a few minutes of use ¶ 

You have trouble with the Browser usage, is it crashes often?

The Browser crashes because of the operating system’s memory management.

1. Install the ADB Driver Support

2. Apply the tweak tool found in the ADB Driver; if it still does not work, contact the Cruz Support Assistance.

Won't keep online, it just reverts to home page ¶ 

You have trouble to remain online

1. Make sure that WiFi is enabled on the Cruz reader.

2. Go to the WiFi setting, and ensure both WiFi and network are enabled so that you can see a green check mark at the top of the screen.

3. Tap scan so that detected network will appear with a SSID. Then, tap the network you wish to connect to, then click “connect.” Sometimes you will need to choosing your own connection by add WiFi network> enter your router’s SSID> select security type if any and enter password> save it.


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