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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Unnecto Drone M Troubleshooting

You have trouble turning on your device.

Check behind the case to ensure the battery is there. Be sure to check whether it if properly connected to the phone and that it is of the correct battery type.

If the phone isn’t turning on, it could be that it has been a while since the phone was turned on. Try plugging it into a socket via a charger to restore its charge.

As a device increases in age, the more likely it is for its battery to fail. This means that even if it were being regularly charged there would still be a sense of a constant need of power despite regular charging sessions.

Glass screen has cracks and is broken; also images might be distorted.

The only way to fix a broken screen is to replace it. Replacing a screen requires an elaborate guide to explain each step in detail. Click here for the guide.

You have no audio or it doesn't sound clear.

Make sure you have a secure connection to the headphone jack

If you have a secure connection and the audio is still distorted or there still is no audio. Then, the headphone jack needs to be replaced. For help replacing the headphone jack, check out our guide.

The camera on the phone's backside does not take pictures.

The camera's lens could have a crack, or be broken in other ways. This affects the ability to take a picture and is best solved by replacing the entire lens.

It is possible that there is a faulty connection somewhere inside the phone. Check if the screen remains blank or the picture quality differs in any significant way. To fix this problem you need to open the phone and reconnect or replace the wiring.

When on a call you cannot hear the other end.

The earpiece speaker has been broken and needs to be replaced. Check out our guide for detailed steps on how to replace it.


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