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Uniden D1688 Troubleshooting

The phone system consists of the multistation with a phone and two wireless phones. Each wireless phone has a power cord. The answering machine is connected to a phone.

There is no sound coming from the speaker.

It is possible that there is something creating inference with the signal. Make sure there is no active interference nearby, like a microwave or television. Check for interference from wireless devices, such as baby monitors, WI-FI.

If you have service that uses the phone line, add a DSL or telephone line filter. If you are using a DSL line, make sure a DSL filter is installed properly.

If all else fails, you may have a failing or already failed speaker, which will have to be replaced!

Make sure there has been no exposure to water. If there is water exposure, allow at least three days to dry. Make sure the outlet has power.

Make sure the cradle of the phone is plugged in before you set it on there.

Check the charging contacts on both the handset and cradle to make sure they are free of dirt or any other debris that could be reducing the contact surface.

Phone is having signal connection issues

Make sure the phone line is connected properly and the cord is free from any damage or kinks. If there is damage to the cord, replace it.

Interference may also cause overall signal issues, so devices like a microwave may interfere with normal phone functions, especially on the wireless handsets.

Make sure your service subscription is still active and while subjective, you are using a good service provider.


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