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Turtle Beach Elite 800 Troubleshooting

Buzzy/Muddy Sounds Coming from Speaker ¶ 

Sounds coming from headset are muffled, difficult to hear, choppy, or have signs of interference.

Too Far from Transmitter ¶ 

The headset has reached it's maximum distance from the transmitter.

Make sure that you are using the headset within 30 feet of the transmitter.

Obstruction of Signal ¶ 

A object, furniture or wall is in between your headset and the transmitter.

Ensure that there are no material objects between the headset and the transmitter.

Digital Interference ¶ 

The signal from your transmitter is being thrown off by another nearby electrical signal.

Do not place the transmitter next to any Wi-Fi bases, or anything else that omits an electrical signal that may interfere with the headset.

Failure to Charge ¶ 

Device will not operate because it is lacking an efficient electrical charge.

Improper Alignment ¶ 

The pins on the transmitter are not lining up properly with the contacts on the headset.

Ensure that the charging contacts on the right ear of the headset are properly seated with the charging pins on the right side of the transmitter. There will red LED light indicating the headset is charging, a blue or pink LED will indicate the headset is not aligned correctly.

Faulty Transmitter ¶ 

The transmitter is not showing any visible signs of working correctly.

Make sure that the charging pins are not severely damaged or corroded. If the LED on the transmitter is not working, the device may be faulty. See repair guide.

Failure to Wirelessly Connect ¶ 

Headset and transmitter will not sync correctly.

Devices Not Paired ¶ 

The headset is not paired with the transmitter, and thus is not connecting correctly.

Make sure that your headset is charged, and that you held the pair button for at least 5 seconds when attempting to pair the device wirelessly.

Poor Optical Connection ¶ 

The optical connection is not plugged in, loose, or is damaged in some way.

Ensure that the optical connection from the back of the transmitter to the back of the console is securely plugged in to both ends.

Incompatible Sound Settings ¶ 

The settings currently configured are not optimized or usable for this headset.

Configure your sound settings under "Digital Out" or "Digital Optical" and only check "Dolby Digital 5.1". Also, make sure that DTS is unchecked.

Headset Not Powering On ¶ 

Headset fails to show any signs of successfully powering on or holding enough charge to operate.

Power Cycle Needed ¶ 

A power cycle will sometimes eliminate some very basic issues, including the headset not powering on properly.

Attempt to perform a power cycle, as this may eliminate some basic issues, follow the guide at this link.

Headset Is Not Charged ¶ 

The headset is not powering on possibly due to not having a sufficient enough electrical charge.

Refer to the above section on "Failure to Charge" to ensure that your device is charging correctly, and you have given the device sufficient time to fully charge.

Sounds Switching Sides ¶ 

The sounds from one ear cup will switch to the other.

Incorrect/Faulty Preset ¶ 

The preset that is currently selected is causing issues with your headset, or a different preset may alleviate this issue.

Attempt to cycle through the presets using the button on the right earcup of the headset, and check if you can hear the voice prompts, and the different modes clearly. If not, a speaker in your headset may be faulty.

Difficulty Being Heard Through Microphone ¶ 

Input to the internet microphone is not correctly being transmitted.

Improper Wear ¶ 

Headset is not worn correctly, causing you to not be heard through the microphone.

Make sure you are wearing the headset properly, the headband should be placed across the top of your head, the left side should be on your left ear (denoted by the "L" on the inside of the headband), and the right side should be on your right ear (denoted by the "R" on the inside of the headband).

Microphone Muted ¶ 

The microphone has been muted, keeping you from being heard through the microphone.

Press the Mic Mute button on the right ear cup of the headset. A high tone in the

headset will confirm that the mic is now on.

Incorrect/Faulty Preset ¶ 

The current microphone preset is causing issues or is making you unheard through the microphone.

Cycle through the four mic presets by holding the Mic Mute button on the bottom of the right ear cup and see if any of them fix the issue.

Obstruction of Signal ¶ 

There is some kind of object, or wall, between the transmitter and the headset, causing the signal to be blocked.

Ensure that there are no material objects between the headset and the transmitter.


The link above shows the same exact audio issue I’m experiencing recently, though his is an 800X and mine is an 800 on a PS4 Pro. It happens intermittently. I’ve had a pair for years that I had to send off for a battery issue, and they never had this problem. I’ve swapped the replacement out twice already for brand new pairs, all known troubleshooting has been done, and all the settings are correct…still nothing. I noticed that switching from “Chat Only“ to “All Audio” it goes away. When toggling between “Optical Out” to HDMI, the issue goes away as well, but only momentarily before it comes back, even on HDMI. Same with unplugging/plugging the optical cable. Bluetooth sources (cell phone) come in crystal clear at the same time that the PS4 is being distorted in the background. My Pro is new, and I don’t think it’s the console, because it wouldn’t explain why someone else is experiencing this same issue on a very different console, and my first pair worked fine on mine. Any advice?

LEIT - Reply

Hi friend! I'm getting the same problem. Have you figure out the problem? The surround effects sounds noises! Could u send me an email if u have fixed it? klausbalzano @ gmail (…).

Klaus Balzano -

Transmitter not charging headset. They are synced and everything works but that. I replaced the headset but use the same transmitter. When i put the headset on transmitter the light stays solid green even though the headset isnt fully charged. Anyone know how to fix this??

Kenneth Roberts - Reply

seems to be a issue cause I just got a pair of refurbished ones and had battery issues, did the tech support thing and concluded that the battery was defective, sent off for a brand new pair out of the box and am having same issue. followed all steps and instructions as given and nothing seems to fix this issue with the new ones. Following to see if there is an outcome of this.

Joe -

static an choppy sound issue getting very frustrated with this c’mon someone help me!

Matt Cleveland - Reply

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