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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Toshiba Satellite C855D-S5303 Troubleshooting

You are unable to charge laptop when battery appears drained.

If laptop is not charging when plugged in, try plugging in to another outlet. If laptop still fails to charge, try plugging into another laptop of the same variety if available to you to determine if it is the charger or the computer at fault. If another identical device is not available to you, consider purchasing a new charger.

If the laptop fails to charge and the charger is not the reason for that issue, the battery may be the cause. See how to replace battery here.

Your Toshiba Satellite is shutting down due to being extremely hot.

If your laptop is overheating, check to see if any air is blowing out of the vent on the right back corner of the device. If no air is being vented, your internal fan may be broken. See how to replace fan here. (Will insert link upon completion)

The overall performance of the device is of a lower quality than normal.

If laptop is experiencing poor performance or lack of storage, a good first check is the cleanliness of the interior of the device. If it appears dirty or dusty inside, spray compressed air or wipe gently with a microfiber cleansing cloth, then check to see if performance is improved.

If the laptop is still not performing well after cleaning, the RAM may be faulty and require replacement or repair or the amount of RAM may be insufficient. See how to replace or add more RAM here. (Will insert link upon completion)

My Toshiba Satellite is not saving my files.

If your laptop is not saving files, the hard drive may be full or faulty. If you can access your files, but cannot save anymore- expanding your hard drive by buying an external hard drive. If you cannot access your files or save them, your hard drive may be faulty and you'll need to replace it. Either way, you will need to access your current hard drive. Here's how.

"I put a CD in and I can't get it out."

If your disc drive is not ejecting, it may be broken and in need of replacement. Here's how (will link when complete).

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