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Toshiba Satellite C75D-A7370 Troubleshooting

Released November 2013

When pressing the power button, the laptop does not turn not producing any mechanical sounds. The screen along with all LED lights on the laptop remaining off.

Sometimes a remaining electrical charge can keep a laptop from turning on. To resolve this you can drain the battery by simply disconnecting the battery charger, holding the power button down for about 15 seconds, reconnecting the battery charger and powering the laptop back on

The most common causes for a motherboard to go bad is overheating, and physical damage (since the laptop is being moved on a regular basis it is exposed to damage more than a regular PC). To resolve this overheating you can simply clean the motherboard and the fan in the laptop. And ensuring these air vents on the laptop stay clear so the motherboard is cooled properly

If the battery does not keep charge and the charger needs to be connected all the time, the computer has a faulty battery. After a while of use it is normal for cells in a laptop battery to become dry and rough (dead) but these effects can be limited if the battery is well cared for. If the battery becomes totally dead like in this case it is irreversible, a new battery is the best solution. For a complete manual on replacing the battery in the Toshiba Satellite C75D-A7370 see this guide, see this guide.

When a charger gets old, sometimes debris and metal shavings build up in the power supply causing short circuits, overheating and other damages to the charger. A new charger is the best solution in this case as chargers are usually affordable and easy to find online.

Often improperly disconnecting the power cable causes the jack to become damaged causing improper power delivery from the laptop charger which ultimately leading to battery going bad or seeming like it doesn’t hold charge.

Computer is operating, but no picture on display.

Laptop screens are back lit, this improves visibility. A back light utilizes a lid close switch which enables the display to shut off when the computer is closed. If the computer display is not turning off the lid close switch may be jammed. This problem can simply be fixed by finding the lid closing switch for the back light and repairing it. To repair it you simply open the laptop lid. A Toshiba laptop lid close switch is usually located near the hinges. Once the switch is located examine it for dust or any kind of body that could be blocking it from moving. If there is any dust make sure to clean it off and try tapping the pin (switch) to make sure that it moves freely. Now the switch should operate normally and you are good to go.

A laptop screen will crack or break if a laptop simply falls on the ground or takes any kind of hard impact. When the laptop is turned on you may see only a part of the picture or just a white color. A broken or cracked screen is not repairable the only solution is to replace the screen.

Computer turns on, but Windows logo does not appear.

Every computer is equipped with a hard drive which stores memory and data on a computer. Hard drive failure can be caused from overheating, electrical failure, mechanical noise (such as: grinding), and corrupted files. Another signal for hard drive failure is the computer will not boot or be stuck loading the operating system (windows). For a complete manual on how to replace the hard drive in a Toshiba Satellite C75D-A7370, see this guide.

Clock in lower right corner keeps resetting to wrong time.

The CMOS battery, also known as the Real-Time Clock, completes a circuit on the motherboard enabling the computer to run properly. Additionally, the CMOS battery, controls the computers clock. The computer will not be able to maintain the correct date and time. The occurrence of this problem is from time, use, and conditions. To solve the issue simply replace the CMOS battery, see this guide

The computer will not register CD’s or disk’s.

The component of a computer that reads CD’s and disks is the optical drive. The optical drive registers the disk by spinning a disk and reading the laser imprinting. For an optical drive to become faulty four things can occur, the drive motor, laser, laser carriage mechanism, and the tray open/close mechanism. Any one of these four issues will cause an error in reading the disk. In order to fix this issue the optical drive must be replaced. For a complete manual on replacing the optical drive on the Toshiba Satellite C75D-A7370, see this guide.

The computer restarts frequently or receives a blue screen with error codes.

The RAM of a computer, or random access memory, is where a computer stores short term information. If your computer is frequently freezing up, or is behaving slowly, than the ram inside of the laptop might be faulty. For a complete manual on how to replace the RAM in a Toshiba Satellite C75D-A7370, see this guide.


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