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Toshiba Satellite C55-A5100 Troubleshooting

Consumer-grade laptop, released by Toshiba in the late 1990's. The C55-A5100 model made its debut in 2014.

Your Toshiba Satellite is not charging its battery

Observe the charging port on the side of the Toshiba Satellite and see if there are any types of obstructions blocking the opening. If there is any debris in the opening of the charging port, use a non-metallic object such as a Q-Tip to remove debris. If the charging port is visibly broken it may need repair.

Observe the total length of your Toshiba Satellite charging cord and try to locate if there are any apparent damages. If the cord is damaged in any way it could cause a failure to charge the device.

Remove the battery from the underside of your laptop and observe it completely for any signs of damage. If any damages can be seen you may need to replace it. If you observe any obstructions on the battery use a pink eraser to clear them away and be careful not to damage the battery.

The individual keys on the keyboard will not press down

Try to use compressed air to clean out anything that could be restricting your keys from being able to press down and have the computer respond. Also, try using a paperclip to dislodge anything stuck under the key.

If cleaning beneath the key does not work, the individual key may be “dead” itself. You will need to replace the whole keyboard with a new one.

The touchpad is not working at all

Try the enable/disable touchpad function, which is used by pressing (FN+F5)

If the touchpad is not working while an external mouse is plugged in (USB) first try to unplug the external mouse and see if that fixes the issue. If not try uninstalling your touchpad and reinstalling it.

The screen is black and does not show the computer content on the screen

Try and replace the backlight bulb located at the bottom of the screen. Also, you could try to replace the entire laptop screen with a new one.

Try to restart the computer. If that doesn't work then you can try to reset the computer to factory settings. Also you can try to connect the computer to an external monitor with an HDMI cord and see if it is responsive and if not then there could be something wrong deeper inside the computer.

You are having trouble powering on your Toshiba Satellite

Locate your laptop’s battery on the underside of the Toshiba Satellite. If the battery is not placed correctly or is loose within the laptop, take the battery out and reinstall it with the correct orientation.

If your Toshiba Satellite is completely depleted of power it will need to be connected to its charging cable. Make sure the cord is connected firmly in the laptop and the other end is placed in a working outlet.

If you have purchased additional hardware for your Toshiba Satellite such as extra memory or other hardware, in the case that is not placed properly or is damaged it could cause the computer to not power on. Remove any new additional hardware and then attempt to power on the computer. Also, only purchase hardware for your Toshiba Satellite that is produced by a Toshiba approved manufacturer.


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