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The computer seems to be running at an extremely high power and the battery overheats causing the computer to shut off .

If you are having battery troubles, first make sure your battery is completely pushed into the battery port, and is the correct battery for this model.

Make sure the adaptor is connected to the laptop. If the laptop only powers up when the computer is plugged into the adaptor or if it completely fails to power up, the battery could be faulty and needs to be replaced. Click here to view our Toshiba Satellite A660-ST3NX2X Battery Replacement guide.

Make sure to only charge the computer from the time it dies to when the battery is completely full. If it is plugged in for extended amounts of time, it could cause the computer to overheat. Make sure the charging light is on when the adaptor is plugged in. If the adaptor is plugged in and the light is not on, the adapter may be faulty. Considering purchasing a new charging adapter.

Everytime you boot up the computer, it fails and you need to restart.

If the computer is continuously crashing, it may be a malfunction with the hard drive. Other indicators of this could be loud noises coming from the inside of the computer, files being misplaced or names being switched around on folders, or error messages continuously popping up when opening applications. If your computer is experiencing all of these symptoms, you may need to replace the hard drive. Click here to view our Toshiba Satellite A660-ST3NX2X Hard Drive Replacement guide.

If your computer is constantly crashing and displaying a black screen, it might be due to a faulty computer battery. Make sure you are only charging your computer until reaches full battery power and not more than that. Improper charging could lead the battery to quit functioning, and it will need to be replaced. Click here to view our Toshiba Satellite A660-ST3NX2X Battery Replacement guide.

Your Toshiba Satellite A660 ST3NX2X will not read DVD’s or CD’s.

If your computer is not reading discs properly, the disc drive might need to be cleaned. If you are able to open your disc drive, do so and use a can of compressed air to spray the tray and inside of the disk drive.

If your Toshiba Satellite A660 is not reading discs, then there is most likely an error occurring in the optical disc drive. It will need to be replaced, which you can do by viewing our Toshiba Satellite A660-ST3NX2X Optic Disk Drive Replacement guide.

The screen is cracked or the display is black and won’t show images.

Before seeking other possible causes for a display malfunction, make sure the computer is able to turn on. If the computer is still able to produce sound and lights from the power button are working but the screen is still not displaying an image, continue on to these other possible causes.

If you are having trouble seeing images on your computer, it could be due to low brightness on your screen. Go to the display settings page on your computer by clicking the start button. There should be a slide bar where you can adjust the brightness level on your screen. If you are still unable to see images, it might be an internal screen issue.

If your screen is physically cracked or a great number of pixels are missing from the images, it needs to be removed and replaced. Click here to view our Toshiba Satellite A660-ST3NX2X Screen Replacement guide.

The computer is not running at adequate speed and the applications are freezing.

If applications are running slow, as well as search engines, this could be due to not enough RAM. RAM helps to store files that need to be quickly accessed, so if your RAM memory runs out, it’s likely the cause of applications running slow due to too many files being stored all in one place. Your computer comes with the factory RAM already installed in the computer, so additional RAM with higher memory capacity will need to be purchased and installed on your computer. Click here to view our Toshiba Satellite A660-ST3NX2X RAM Replacement guide.

If your computer is running slow, then there might be a problem with the computer’s hard drive. Some other common symptoms of a faulty hard drive include sounds coming from within the computer, files being misplaced or renamed, and frequent computer crashes. If your computer has experienced any of these symptoms, it could be causing the computer to run at slower speeds, and it could mean you need to replace your hard drive. Click here to view our Toshiba Satellite A660-ST3NX2X Hard Drive Replacement guide.


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