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Toshiba CB35-C3300 Chromebook 2 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Toshiba CB35-C3300 Chromebook 2 that was made in 2015.

The laptop will not respond when power button is pressed

Check to see if Chromebook will turn on if you plug in the charger.

If the computer is fully charged and still will not turn on when you press the power button, the power button may not be connected. Check if the power button is correctly connected to the motherboard. If you find that the power button is properly connected, the button itself may be broken. To fix this issue, you have to replace the power button.

If the power button is properly connected, and you are sure it is working correctly, the battery could be your issue. Replace the battery if the power does not turn on. This

Battery Replacement Guide can assist you in replacing the battery.

Sound appears to either not play or sound distorted when played

Check if you accidently left the headphones plugged in; if you prefer for sound to play through the speakers, remove the headphones.

Check the status area to ensure the computer is not muted or set at a low volume. Turn up the volume if the sound is too low.

Your speakers may be broken if you still cannot hear the sound. Replace the speakers using this Speaker Replacement Guide to help you.

Whenever you try to move the mouse, via trackpad, either there is no movement or delayed reaction

Clean the trackpad using a barely damp, lint-free cloth, then wipe off excess moisture.

The trackpad may be damaged or not working. Check to see if the trackpad is connected correctly inside the Chromebook. If it is the trackpad is faulty, you may have to replace it.

While you are on your Chromebook, the laptop makes an excessive amount of noise.

Dirt may have accumulated in the fan, causing movement obstruction. Open and inspect the fan to see if the device is dirty. If there is a minimal amount of debris, utilize an aerosol duster. If it appear to still be dirty, use a lint-free cloth to gently wipe away debris.

The fan may not be spinning properly, causing a reactive noise. Try manually moving fan to see if there is an obstruction issue. Replace fan following this Fan Replacement Guide if it will not move.

The hard drive can make noise like clicking, grinding, vibrations, or squealing which are the signs of the failing hard drive which you should replace the hard drive.

It may happen because of the over running programs by chrome operating system which you can restart the chromebook or you will need to change the fan of the Chromebook.

When you plug in the charger, the chromebook does not appear to be charging. Another sign may be the Chromebook will not work unless the charged is plugged in

If the battery charges only after the position of AC adapter tip is adjusted inside the connector, the DC jack failed. A new charger will need to be purchased.

If the Chromebook turns off or refuses to turn on when the charger is not turned in, the battery may be damaged. You should replace the battery following this Battery Replacement Guide.

While in use there is a delay on processes and the Chromebook takes a while to process the commands sent by the user

Due to Chromebooks having diminutive specs, it may not be able to keep up with the tasks you want to perform. Try closing some applications or windows to help your Chromebook become more responsive.

Check your status bar to see if there are Chromebook updates.

Ensure the Chromebook has internet connection. Try connecting to the Internet through other electronic devices to see if the connection relates to the slowdown. Sometimes the browser itself runs slowly, so try switching to another browser, such as FireFox or Google Chrome. If you cannot connect to the internet through Wifi, you may need to replace your Wifi PCB following this guide.

Camera does not turn on or image is distorted.

If camera turns on and the image is distorted, try cleaning the lense with a video screen cleaner. If cleaning the camera does not improve the image, the camera may be broken, and the camera should be replaced.

Search for any driver updates for the camera, and restart the Chromebook. Then try to run the camera. If it continues to not work, try to use another application the uses the camera. If you still are experiencing issues, update the camera.

Computer crashes during normal operation.

Open your Task Manager to see if your computer is running too many apps at once. Close some apps to hopefully resolve this issue.

Your computer may be crashing due to your computer not having enough RAM. Upgrade your RAM.

If the LCD screen of the Chromebook is damaged or not working properly

If the screen of the laptop does not turn on remains black, the ink may have be ruptured. You may have to replace the screen to fix this issue.

If there is one or more unresponsive pixels on the screen, the pixels may be dead. The only solution to this problem is to replace the screen.

If the screen has evident cracks obstructing the visibility, the solution is to replace the screen.


Hello. Thank you in advance for having this page available.

My C3300 has a dark screen when initially turned on. It continues for over a minute as such. This is followed by a bright white screen with the color wheel and word CHROME. It lasts 1-2 seconds. Progressing to the long duration of a white screen with the chrome color-wheel again in a smaller format along with the words YOUR SYSTEM IS REPAIRING ITSELF. PLEASE WAIT.

I’ve had patience many times as I’ve turned the system off after several hours of the nothing-happens loop. The white screen showing …REPAIRING… comes on for a couple minutes then goes black, then loops as mentioned.

Oh, there’s a grey spiny-thing that keeps me entertained on the white screen. LOL

Again, thanks in advance if you read this and have an answer. Fred, Grand Ledge, MI.

fred king - Reply

One more comment… The above happens both plugged into power source and on it’s own battery. I’ve tried cleaning the keyboard as well. If there were a pin-hole I’da pushed it by now. Again, my thanks in advance if anyone’s out there and hits me up through email.

fred king - Reply

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