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Toshiba Portege R835-P88 Troubleshooting

Released February 2012, model number R835-P88

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The screen stays black when the power is on.

Check to see if the battery works with a multi-meter. Plug the battery up and see if it holds a charge. If you have a spare battery plug it up to the device. If the battery was the problem the screen should come on.

If the screen itself is broken check for cracks and looseness. Dust and debris could also be inside the device keeping it from working properly.

The problem could be the device is not charged. Plug the power cord into a wall outlet and give it a little while to charge.

Turn the device off by holding the power button down for 60 seconds. Next unplug it and remove the battery. Plug the device back in and press start. If this does not work try a few times. If still not successful the motherboard may be bad.

Laptop is overheating . Turn the device off and let it cool down for awhile. If laptop is still overheating when turned back on the cooling fan could be dirty or not working at all.

Fan becomes noisy and perhaps makes a grinding sound. Remove the fan and clean it thoroughly. If it's still making noises, replace the fan.

If a DVD drive refuses to read CD's but will read DVD's, or vice versa, the most likely cause is that one of the two read lasers has failed. Replace the drive.

The disc will not come out of the drive when you click the eject button on the screen. Press the button on the optical disc drive itself. If it still does not slide out, make sure a program is not accessing the drive and preventing it from ejecting.

The RAM is not working properly.

Too many applications operating simultaneity which slows down processing. If there too many application running then check your settings and disable some programs that my activate during normal start up. You may also notice your computer going from lighting fast speed to turtle slow speed. One option to fix the issue is to clear your computer RAM. This means deleting all the stored file on the RAM which will improve your processing speed. Another option is to replace and upgrade your random access memory with a RAM that has more storage capacity.

Power surges also may cause RAM problem as well as any other component damage.A surge protector attempts to limit the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or shorting to ground any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold.

You may notice your computer restarting during when you're in the middle of an activity, or it may freeze sporadically. It can be caused by the poor purchasing decisions of a small storage laptop. If it's slow after you purchase it, simply return it to the retailer.

For help replacing the RAM, check out our replacement guides.

Randomly loosing files when you restart the computer or reboot it. A simple disk check and clean can fix this.


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