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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

TomTom Go 60 S Troublshooting

Has a battery lifetime up to 2 hours, an integrated mount to stick on surfaces, device has an internal memory of 8GB and a 16:9 inch widescreen with a resolution of 908 x 480.

The screen is not visible even at max setting.

Check to see if the power adapter is fully plugged in.

Make sure you are using the current power adapter for the model. If you're using a previous models adapter, it may not be optimized for the GO 60 S.

My device constantly falls off the windshield.

To make sure the suction cup is secured, place suction cup on windshield and turn the knob over the suction cup to increase suction.

Clean the suction cup to make the suction against the windshield better by taking a clean rag dabbed with water and cleaning the concave part of the suction cup thoroughly.

My device shuts down after short period of time.

It is recommend charging the battery for at least two hours before using the Tom Tom, then soft reset the device. If that does not work try using either the home charger or car charger to see if the charger may be malfunctioning. If the battery is still weak after troubleshooting it may need replacement.

My device is not updated with the local road maps.

You will need the MyDrive Connect app installed onto your computer. You can find the installation links on this page.

Once you have this installed on your computer connect your navigation device to your computer and sign up for an account . If you have already signed up, just log in with your username and password. Click my contents at the top left corner then select My maps. In the My maps option select a map you want to update , then click the update option. Return to the My contents page where you can the view the progress of the update once the installation is complete it is safe to remove the navigation device from the computer.

My phone will not pair with the device

On your navigation device go to settings then tap the the Bluetooth option. Once in the Bluetooth option select add phone. Once that is done a "?" will appear on the bottom right hand corner of screen select the " Do not want to use the app"option.

On your phone check to see that your Bluetooth option is turned on. You can usually check this by going into your settings menu. In your Bluetooth options the GO 60s should appear in your list of available devices for pairing. Select the GO 60s and the phone should now be paired with the navigation device.


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