Student-Contributed Wiki

Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Wheel Randomly Veers ¶ 

The steering on the car randomly veers.

Wheel sensitivity needs to be adjusted ¶ 

The device has 2 different sensitivity modes:

- Normal sensitivity, which is the default mode

- High sensitivity, this mode has to be selected manually

To enter the sensitive mode, press and release together:

the Engine start + the 2 Up & Down paddle shifters.

The following page has the diagram and labels:

Try reinstalling wheel to console ¶ 

Installing the wheel:

1. Press the XBOX switch that is on the back of the wheel.

2. Plug the wheel’s USB connector into one of your XBOX's USB ports.

3. The wheel will be detected under the name FGT Rumble 3-in-1 or Ferrari GT Experience.

My Pedal Set Is Not Functioning Correctly ¶ 

"Does not function when I play the game."

Connecting pedal to the wheel ¶ 

Be sure to connect the pedal set to the wheel before connecting the wheel's USB to your XBOX.

- Reconfigure the wheel in the controller options. Always make sure that the wheel is correctly connected.

The Pedal Broken ¶ 

"You accidently broke the pedal and now you have to change it out"

Replacing the broken pedal ¶ 

-First step is to order the parts from:

-Once you receive the part we can start dissembling the device.

-Follow the steps in the guide to replace either gas or break pedal

Gas, Break Pedal Replacement

Wheel and Pedal Connection Port ¶ 

"The pedals stopped responding."

Damaged wheel and pedal port ¶ 

The port for which the pedals connects to the wheel is damaged . We'll have to open up the device to change this.

Wheel and Pedal Connection Port Replacement

USB Port Damaged ¶ 

"The USB cable got damaged and now it will not plug into your XBOX."

Replacing the USB cord ¶ 

-Follow this guide to replace your USB cable

USB Cable Replacement

Motherboard Damaged ¶ 

"The Motherboard got damaged and now the device will not function correctly."

Replacing the Motherboard ¶ 

-Follow this guide to replace your Motherboard



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