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Texas Instruments TI-30 XS Multiview Troubleshooting

The TI-30XS is a scientific calculator made by Texas Instruments. It can perform trigonometric functions, store up to seven variables, and has three viewing modes.

The TI-30 XS won't turn on ¶ 

No matter what you do, you can't get the calculator to turn on.

The contrast of the screen is turned to low or off ¶ 

If the calculator appears to be dead, there may be an easy fix. Before physically opening the device, make sure to check the contrast settings. The contrast may be set to zero or very low, giving the impression of a dead battery.

The battery is drained ¶ 

If the TI-30 XS won't turn on outside in direct sunlight, the battery has most likely gone dead. Unfortunately, there is no way to charge the TI-30 XS, so the battery needs to be replaced.

The display has gone bad ¶ 

If you have ruled out other options and the calculator still will not turn on, it is possible that the display has gone bad. The screen will need to be switched out for a new one.

The screen turns on, but quickly turns back off ¶ 

Shortly after turning the calculator on, the screen will turn off.

The wiring is faulty ¶ 

If the screen flashes on and then off, it is still getting power, just not enough. This problem may be due to bad wiring. If faulty wiring is the case, then the ribbon connection from the screen to the battery will have to be re-wired and re-soldered. This connection can be accessed after taking off the back panel of the calculator.

The battery is drained ¶ 

The battery may be low if the screen turns on, but immediately turns off. If this is the case, the battery will have to be replaced.

The battery life is really short ¶ 

Even when a new battery is put in the calculator, it seems to drain faster then usual.

The solar panel is no longer functioning ¶ 

If you replaced the battery and it dies quickly, the solar panel used to charge the battery is most likely no longer working. Check to make sure there is nothing covering the front panel at the top preventing light from entering. If the solar panel is unobstructed, it will need to be replaced.

The buttons are sticky ¶ 

The buttons won't bounce back quickly, or they don't bounce back up at all.

There is dirt in the keyboard ¶ 

The buttons not bouncing up is most likely due to the presence of dirt or other items blocking the space the buttons move through. Try clearing the space by blowing compressed air on the keyboard.


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