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TOMTOM XL Troubleshooting

Manufactured in 2007 by TomTom. The model number of the TomTom One XL used to create this page was 4S00.000.

Download Maps from Website

Find your username and password given to you with the purchase of your TomTom to download maps from TomTom's official website.

Load Maps Directly to SD Card

Load your downloaded maps onto your device's SD card.

U.S. Maps

Most maps outside the United States do not come free with TomTom's map updating policy, and may require purchase.

Button Can't Be Pressed

If the button becomes inoperable follow this guide to replace or clean it.

Software Malfunction

Occasionally the device will encounter a software malfunction when first turned on. If this happens backup your device's SD card to your computer and delete all data off of it, then try to turn on the device.

Extreme Temperatures

The device may have trouble functioning when exposed to extreme temperatures. If this happens let the device sit in a dry area and try to use it later.

Broken Screen

If the screen if crack, broke, or not turning on while the power light is on then replace the LCD screen using this guide.

Screen Not Displaying anything

Check the Ribbon connector using this guide, to see if the connector is damaged, if that does not help then the screen might need to be replaced.


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