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Sylvania SDVD9004 Troubleshooting

It was released in 2011 and the model number is SDVD9004.

The screen has a weird color or does not show the image.

Sometimes small black dots appear on the screen from either dropping or manufacturing flaws. They can only be fixed through screen replacement.

Pressing into a screen with fingers can leave ghost finger impressions behind. They cannot be fixed beyond screen replacement.

There is no sound coming from the device.

The volume can be turned down accidentally. Turn the dial towards the back of the device to increase the voume.

Sometimes the mute option is accidentally hit or forgotten about. Hit the mute button to unmute DVD player.

If headphones are plugged in they will override the normal volume functions. Unplug them and normal speaker function will be resumed.

If volume does not return there may be damage to the speakers and should be replaced.

The disk in the DVD player is not working.

Discs are read by lasers and their absorbance; fingerprints can absorb lasers and scatter them. Clean the disc with a clean cloth.

Scratches damage the plastic of the disk and behave similarly to finger prints. Either repair or replace the disc.

The CD drive makes a sound when spinning the DVD. If there is no sound then it means it is broken and replacement is necessary.

The DVD player is not turning on or is on for a short period of time.

Hands can accidentally flip switches on the side, shutting off the device. Flip the power switch in the on direction.

If the battery is old, then it may have degraded internally. To expand the battery life or to simply charge the device, replace the battery.

Charger components can come loose. Make sure that all components are completely plugged in.

The buttons on the DVD player are not functioning.

Dirt under buttons can cause contact issues or can cause buttons to not fully compress. Clean the buttons thoroughly.

Jammed buttons will not register. The keys need to be unjammed by cleaning or replaced.

The DVD player will not open to place a DVD inside.

If a CD is not correctly inserted it can jam the inside of the drive lid. Press the open button and make sure the CD is inserted correctly.

If the open button is jammed then the lid will fall open, close the lid with tape until it can be fixed by cleaning or replacing the button.

If the screen no longer holds tension lid will lock in place. Use a prying device to open the lid after pressing the open button. The spring will need to be replaced.


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