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Spin Master Hatchimal Draggle Troubleshooting

Released October 2016 by Spin Master. The Hatchimal Draggle is identified with purple fur, blue wings, and a white stomach.

Plastic wing clip no longer stays attached  ¶ 

The wing of my Draggle keeps falling off.

The wing continuously falls off  ¶ 

The wing clip is broken, consider following this guide to replace the wing.

Nose will not automatically pop out  ¶ 

I push the nose in and I have to physically pull it back out.

The nose gets stuck in the compressed position  ¶ 

If the spring gets bent or something stuck inside the spring it no longer works. Follow this guide to get to the spring, if there is something foreign inside the spring that should not be there, remove the object. If the spring is bent, consider purchasing a new spring and follow this guide to replace the spring.

Hatchimal Stops Talking  ¶ 

My Draggle doesn’t talk to me anymore when I push the buttons.

Hatchimal does not turn on ¶ 

Ensure that the batteries are inserted in the correct position and have power left to them.

Hatchimal is on but does not make any noise ¶ 

If the batteries have been checked and it still does not make any noise, a wire is unplugged or the speakers no longer work. Consider replacing the speakers following this guide.

Hatchimal Fur is dirty  ¶ 

My Draggle is dirty and needs a bath.

The fur is sticky or dirty ¶ 

Toys get dirty, since this toy is electronically operated make sure to clean it without getting the insides wet. If this does not clean it to your liking, consider removing the fur to run it through the wash or replace the fur following this guide.

Wheels are not working properly  ¶ 

My Draggle stopped moving around.

Hatchimal won’t turn on ¶ 

Ensure that the batteries are inserted in the correct position and have power left to them.

Only one of the Hatchimals wheels move.  ¶ 

If you can hear the motor running and only one of the wheels is functional, there may be something wrong with the gears that force the wheels to move. Consider following this guide to replace the wheel.

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