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Sony Vaio SVT151A11L Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting page to diagnose problems with the Sony Vaio SVT151A11L.

Device will not power on ¶ 

Laptop will not power up or show any signs of starting.

Faulty Power Adapter ¶ 

Check to make sure that the adapter is plugged in. If the device is plugged in and the charge light does not come on then the adapter is faulty. A new adapter will need to be purchased.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

Check to make sure that the adapter is plugged in. If the device is plugged in and the charge light comes on check to see if the device will only stay powered on while charging regardless of battery life. If this device will not stay powered on then the battery is faulty and will need to be replaced using this guide.

Other errors ¶ 

If adapter and the battery are both functioning and the device will still not power on then you will need to take these steps. First hold the power button down for 5 seconds. Then plug in the power adapter in and attempt to power on the computer. Next disconnect the power adapter, remove the battery, and hold the power button for 5 seconds then reinsert the battery and ac adapter before trying to power it on normally. If the issue is not resolved the laptop make need to be replaced or brought in for repairs.

Hard drive making squeaking or grinding noises ¶ 

There is a squeaking or grinding noise coming from the computer when it is on.

Problems with IO devices ¶ 

Mute speakings and disconnect all devices from laptop. If the sound goes away the problem is with the IO devices.

Faulty Drivers ¶ 

Reboot the laptop and check it for driver errors. This can be done using VAIO Care hardware diagnostics to test the hard drive. If the noise is still heard after ruling out driver errors then the hard drive may need to be replaced using this guide.

Power Adapter making loud humming ¶ 

Power adapter makes noises when in use.

Power adapters make noise regularly and this should not cause any problems. If the noise is abnormal or too loud there could be a problem with the power adapter and it may need to be replaced.

Screen Unresponsive ¶ 

The device powers up but the screen remains blank or dark.

Brightness too low ¶ 

Increase the brightness of the computer by pressing Fn + F5 and then using the right arrow key to increase brightness.

Computer in Standby Mode ¶ 

Make sure the device is not in standby mode by pressing any button and seeing if the screen lights up.

No Charge ¶ 

Plug in a power adapter and restart the computer to see if the screen will power on when the battery has charge.

=== Video Modes on Wrong Setting===

Press Fn + F7 to toggle between video modes and see if any work.

=== External Devices Causing Problems===

Disconnect any external display, all external devices, and remove all PC Cards using this guide.

=== Bios Causing Startup Problems===

Reset the default bios.

If none of these solutions work there may be a problem with the laptop screen and it may need to replaced following this guide.

Audio Nonfunctioning or Distorted ¶ 

The sound coming from the laptop is distorted or not playing at all.

Volume is low or muted ¶ 

Use the volume controls and make sure the volume is turned up and is not muted.

Device Drivers Not Working ¶ 

Reinstall the device drivers for the speakers.

Bios Problems ¶ 

Reset the bios.

If the problem is not fixed at these solutions try performing a system restore/recovery. If the problem is still not resolved after this then there is a problem with the computer and it may need to go in for repairs.


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