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Keyboard functioning intermittently ¶ 

The keyboard on your laptop doesn't respond to your keystrokes, or keys are broken/missing.

Defective Keyboard ¶ 

A laptop keyboard is regularly exposed to moisture, physical abuse, and other harmful scenarios that will likely contribute to its failure. If you're trying to press keys and notice that none of them are registering keystrokes, it's possible your keyboard is defective or has failed.

Try pressing any of the three 'Lock' keys (NumLock, CapsLock, ScrollLock), and observe the indicator lights to the left of the power button on your device. If the lights are not switching on and off with each keystroke, your keyboard may be damaged.

Sony Vaio SVT131A11L Keyboard Replacement will walk you through each step of the replacement process for your device.

Individual Keys are Stuck ¶ 

If you notice that only certain keys are getting stuck, use Sony Vaio SVT131A11L Keyboard Replacement to help remove the key-cap and clean the area underneath it. Once cleaned, carefully reattach the key-cap and test its functionality.

Keys are Missing ¶ 

If there are individual keys missing on your keyboard, the quickest and most cost-effective solution is usually just purchasing a new keyboard and performing a Sony Vaio SVT131A11L Keyboard Replacement.

Always be sure to check the product information on the replacement keyboard you're purchasing and verify it matches the model number of your current keyboard.

Operating System Won't Boot ¶ 

Your computer isn't booting properly or displays a cryptic error on-screen before loading your Operating System

Replacement or Installation of Hard Drive ¶ 

If the display on your device reads something along the lines of, "No bootable Device - Insert Boot Disc, Press Any Key ", a hard drive replacement may be necessary to get your device back in working order. If you're having trouble locating or replacing your hard drive, our Sony Vaio SVT131A11L Hard Drive Replacement can help you through the entire process.

Keep in mind that you'll have to install a compatible operating system on the new hard drive after your installation in order for your computer to function normally.

Battery Won't Hold A Charge ¶ 

Your laptop battery drains excessively, even when being used for short amounts of time or simple tasks

Improper Use of Charging Cord ¶ 

Check to see if the charging cord is properly inserted into both the electrical outlet and the charging cord port of your computer.

Replacing Battery ¶ 

If the battery is properly plugged into both the charging port and the electrical outlet, your battery needs to be replaced. Use Sony Vaio SVT131A11L Battery Replacement to help you install or replace your battery within your computer.

Display Won't Appear ¶ 

When you turn on your laptop and all you get is a black screen.

Display will not power on ¶ 

Restart the Laptop, and if the problem persists, replacement of the display is most likely the solution, thus use Sony Vaio SVT131A11L Display Replacement.

Screen will only display a black, backlit image ¶ 

Restart the Laptop, and if the problem persists, use Sony Vaio SVT131A11L Display Replacement.

Device Won't Turn On ¶ 

Your laptop is a paperweight. You've tried plugging in the charger, the battery, and everything else under the sun.

Motherboard is Damaged ¶ 

If your laptop seems to be unresponsive after pressing the power button, there are a few steps you can take to diagnose a possible motherboard issue.

  1. Reseat the battery and attempt to power on your device again.
  2. Reseat the RAM in your device and attempt to power on your device again.
  3. Disconnect the battery and connect your AC Adapter ONLY, and attempt to power on your device.
  4. Disconnect the battery and AC Adapter, press the power button and hold for 3 seconds, then reconnect either the battery or AC adapter and attempt to power on your device.

If your device will not power on after you've taken all these steps, it is likely that the motherboard of your computer is damaged/malfunctioning. You can check out our Sony Vaio SVT131A11L Motherboard Replacement for information about repairing/replacing your motherboard.

Liquid Damage on Motherboard ¶ 

Liquid damage is usually indicated by a blueish-green residue coating certain parts of your motherboard. If the liquid damage is visible, you can use our Sony Vaio SVT131A11L Motherboard Replacement to repair your laptop without advanced equipment.

Other Visible Damage on Motherboard ¶ 

If there is visible damage that compromises the integrity of your motherboard; such as cracks, deep scratches, bending, or blown-out components, use our Sony Vaio SVT131A11L Motherboard Replacement to repair your laptop without advanced equipment.


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