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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Laptop does not turn on

If the laptop does not boot while it is not connected to a power supply, then the laptop battery might be uncharged. In order to charge the laptop battery, plug the laptop to its power adapter, then check if the laptop switches on.

If the laptop does not boot correctly, the hard drive may have malfunctioned. Check the laptop’s hard drive; if it requires replacement, please refer to the Hard Drive Replacement Guide.

A malfunctioning RAM also prevents the laptop from booting correctly. Check the laptop’s RAM of the laptop to see if a replacement is required. If so, please refer to the RAM Replacement Guide.

When the laptop is unplugged the device will not turn on.

If the battery is dead, the computer will not hold the charge, or work without the power cord. The laptop will still operate if it is connected to the power cord. To remove or replace the battery, refer to the Battery Replacement Guide.

When the charger is plugged into the laptop, it does not charge.

Replace laptop charger.

When the laptop is turned on, the LCD Display Screen is black, cracked, or has colored lines running through it.

Press FN and F7 together to toggle the display on and off.

If the LCD screen is broken, it will require replacement. Please refer to the Screen Replacement Guide.

Audio does not play when using programs that are supposed to play audio.

Locate mute button, on the front side of the laptop, next to the wireless switch and toggle the switch until audio is heard.

Open volume mixer in Windows and make sure volume is not muted.

Locate volume switch, on front side of laptop, next to the mute button. Push the volume toggle switch up until sound is audible.

Open volume mixer in Windows and make sure volume slider is not low.

Refer to the Hardware Replacement Guide for replacing speakers.

My computer cannot find any wireless Internet connections.

Check if the wireless network hardware switch is off. When this switch is off, your computer will not have any wireless Internet access. Push the switch to the “on” position (to the right) to allow your computer to have wireless Internet access.

Confirm the wireless network antenna is fully plugged in. If the antenna is not fully plugged in, then your computer will be unable to have a wireless Internet connection. The antenna is located on the computer’s top right panel. Firmly press the antennas circular base into the computer to plug the antenna in.

If the wireless network hardware switch is on and the wireless network antenna is fully plugged in, and your computer is still unable to detect any Internet connections, then your antenna may be broken. Refer to the Wireless Network Antenna Replacement Guide to learn how to replace the antenna.

When trying to eject the CD tray, it will not open as if the tray was jammed.

Locate the small pinhole sized hole on the CD drive and insert a small scribe, or other small pointing tool into the hole. Apply pressure until the CD drive opens. This hole is a manual force eject and could require a lot of pressure, especially if the drive is jammed.

Refer to Hardware Replacement Guide for replacing the CD drive.

Keyboard and touchpad does not work.

Refer to our Keyboard Replacement Guide for replacing the Keyboard.


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