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Sony SRS-X5 Troubleshooting

The Sony SRS-X5 portable speaker was manufactured in 2014. It's known for it's high sound quality and dependability.

No matter what you do, the speaker won't turn on.

After unsuccessful times of trying to power on your device, you may want to check the battery on your device. It could be that the device battery is drained. Try plugging in your device and to ensure a successful charge, the orange light will appear. Once the device is fully charged, this light will turn off.

Your device may not be turning on because of a faulty power button. The button could be stuck or there could be debris stuck under the button, causing it to stop functioning. You may want to consider replacing the touch pad here.

No matter what I do, the speaker will not fully charge.

Your device may not be charging due to a faulty outlet. You may want to consider unplugging it and plugging your device in a different outlet.

To ensure that your device is charging, there will be an orange light that turns on. If this does not happen, try looking at your charger for any signs of damage. There could be a problem with the cord. . If there is damage, you may want to replace your charger with a new one.

If the speaker is not charging and you have checked both the outlet and charger and this was not the problem. The battery could be bad or drained. After several months of use, the battery could have reached the end of its lifespan and would need to be replaced.

You have tried connecting your device to the speaker via Bluetooth and it is not working.

Your device may not have Bluetooth activated. If your device does not have it on you will not be able to connect to the speaker. Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on. You can usually select this option under settings of any device.

Although your speaker may be on, the Bluetooth may not be activated. To ensure that it is activated, hold down the Bluetooth button until a “beep” sound occurs and a fast blinking light turns on. Your speaker is now ready to pair with your device.

Although it is a Bluetooth speaker, make sure that your device is close enough to pair with the speaker. Once it is paired, ensure that the distance between your device and the speaker is fairly close. Too much distance will disconnect the pairing.

If your device is not pairing, ensure that your speaker is not already connected to another device. Your speaker has the ability to connect with several devices but only play from one. Try disconnecting all the other devices and ensure that yours is the only one paired.

Your speaker’s Bluetooth chip may be defective. If this occurs, it will fail to use it’s Bluetooth feature and no pairing will be able to happen. You will need to replace the Bluetooth chip.

You have tried using the sensitive touch buttons and they will not work.

Touch screens are very sensitive. They read any object that has electrical charge, which includes the human skin. The Touch buttons may not be responding due to a dirty screen. If you see any form of residue on your screen, you will need to clean it with a soft cloth to remove it.

Touch sensitive buttons work by recognizing any form of electrical charge. Your finger could have some residue on it which will then stop the buttons from recognizing the electrical charge. If there is food, dust or any other material on your finger, the buttons will not respond.

The touch sensitive button pad may be defective, therefore causing your buttons to not respond appropriately. You may want to consider replacing the pad.

When you play your speaker you experience sound distortion

Although it is a Bluetooth speaker, the device and speaker have to be in a close enough range that the pairing will not disconnect. If distance is too far, you will experience sound distortion and possibly a disconnection.

If your speaker is not making a sound, fuzzy sounds or static sounds it could be that your speaker is damaged or has blown out. To fix this, you will need to replace the speaker for sound.

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My Sony bluetooth speaker won't hold a charge and shuts down after a few minutes of play.

How do I replace the cord and adapter?

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