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Sony SRS-X3 Troubleshooting page

Released June 2014, Dimension 7.4 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches

Troubleshooting Guide for Sony Wireless Speaker SRS-X3

Humming in speaker ¶ 

Everytime I turn the speaker above volume level 8, the speaker begins to make a humming sound along with the audio coming out.

Phone volume level may be interfering ¶ 

On some devices, such as this one, the speaker does not control the volume level of the phone when paired. To fix this interference, turn the volume of the phone up to 80% of maximum, then raise the volume level of the speaker.

Bluetooth not pairing ¶ 

I want to connect to this bluetooth speaker using my phone, but this speaker refuses to connect, or will not stay connected long.

Low Battery ¶ 

Your battery may be fully drained. Connect the charging cable from your wall USB-box to the speaker itself and allow up to 3 hours for the battery to charge back to full health.

Phone is paired to another device via bluetooth ¶ 

If your device is connected to another device via bluetooth, the device will not connect to anything else. You have to ensure that the device you want to connect to the speaker is the only device that is connected via bluetooth. Once your bluetooth device is the only device connected, you will be able to stream music through your Sony SRS-X3

Battery not charging ¶ 

When I try to turn on my speaker, it will not power up, and it won’t charge when I plug it in.

Charging cable is not fully connected ¶ 

If the charging cable is not fully connected into the micro-usb charging port installed in the rear of the speaker then the battery will not charge. Ensure that you have correctly inserted the cable so that the speaker may charge.

Battery is defective ¶ 

Your battery may be over-used, so you need to get a new one.

Your battery may be interfering with the wireless signal and the interaction over time may be creating a problem with the battery becoming defective. If this occurs, then you would need to get a new battery.

Auxiliary port does not work ¶ 

When I connect an 3.5mm auxiliary cord into the speaker, it is not allowing my music to play through from my phone.

Cable not fully inserted into slot ¶ 

Your auxiliary cable may not be fully inserted into the 3.5 mm jack, causing the music signal not to reach the speaker. Make sure that the gold or silver end of the 3.5 mm cable is not showing, and that it is fully inserted into the jack.

Auxiliary cable is fried ¶ 

Auxiliary cords do not always have a long lifespan. The cord may have become twisted at one of the ends where the cord meets the jack that is connected and the jack may have lost connectivity with some of the wiring. Ensure that the cord is not incorrectly wrapped around at the ends and re-connect the cord. If errors continue to occur, get a new auxiliary cable or follow the instructions provided:


How long to charge

Mine was plugged in over night and when I pair to my andriod the speaker says' please charge' orange light for charge only on when I power unit on

Alan - Reply

My srs-x3 continues to blink orange while trying to charge? Anyone know the problem

David Smith - Reply

Did you ever find an answer to this? Mine is doing the same thing.

Adam Volk -

What does it mean when both the charging light and the power light turn orange when plugged in????

steve bob - Reply

Sound is only coming out from one side of the device; obviously there are speaker's on both sides and only the 'face' speaker works. It's not been moved in months, just sat near my TV and now all of a sudden only half of the thing works.

oliver_wills_1994 - Reply

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