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Sony SRS-X2 Troubleshooting

This wireless Sony speaker connects to other devices using Bluetooth technology. It packs 20 watts of power in a lightweight body, which is only 17.64 ounces. It also has one-touch listening through NFC (Near Field Communication).

Speaker will not respond to the power button being pushed.

Make sure that the charger cord you are using is the universal Micro-USB charger. Also make sure that the device is "Off" while charging. If the charger is connected to an outlet and the device, and the indicator light is not illuminated, please check the charger through another compatible device, if that device does not charge you will need to replace the charger. If the compatible device does charge this indicates that the battery or the charger port on the speaker is defective see below on troubleshooting these issues.

You can tell that the battery is empty when the charge indicator flashes 3 times in orange and goes off when you turn on the speaker, the battery is empty and needs to be charged. The battery may be losing the charge too quickly to function which means it must be replaced please follow this battery replacement guide.

If the device charger port does not create a solid connection, for example the speaker will charge when the charger cord is held at a certain angle, but not otherwise, you may just need to follow these steps to fixing the port. If the port is visibly broken or burned out follow this replacement guide to replacing the charger port.

Speaker Bluetooth Standby function was turned on but the device will not connect.

The Bluetooth standby function can be set only when the speaker is connected to an AC outlet (your household plug) via the Micro-USB AC adapter. When the speaker is being powered by the built-in battery only, the Bluetooth standby function is not available. If pairing information is not stored in the speaker, such is the case when the speaker is shipped from the factory, the speaker will not enter the Bluetooth standby mode.

To fix the Bluetooth Standby Function, connect the speaker to the AC outlet. Turn on the speaker. The (power) indicator lights up in green. Press and hold the (power) button over 4 seconds until the (power) indicator lights up in orange. The speaker will turn off and enters the Bluetooth standby mode.

If you connect to the speaker from a Bluetooth device, the speaker turns on automatically and starts the Bluetooth connection.

To turn the Bluetooth Standby Function off, connect the speaker to the AC outlet. Turn on the speaker. The (power) indicator lights up in green. Press and hold the (power) button over 4 seconds until the (power) indicator goes off. The Bluetooth standby function is turned off and the speaker will turn off.

Turn on the speaker. The Bluetooth indicator begins to flash in white. When turned on, the speaker tries to connect with the last connected Bluetooth device. If the device is nearby (within 3 feet), the Bluetooth connection may establish automatically. When you want to connect another Bluetooth device, terminate the current Bluetooth connection by operating the currently connected Bluetooth device. Make the Bluetooth connection from the Bluetooth device. When the Bluetooth connection is established, the Bluetooth indicator stays lit. When the Bluetooth standby function is turned on, the speaker turns on automatically by operating a Bluetooth device, and starts the Bluetooth connection.

If the speaker tries to make connection with the last connected Bluetooth device, connection may fail in some cases. In this case, terminate the Bluetooth connection by operating the connected Bluetooth device.

You have trouble trouble connecting your Bluetooth speaker to windows 10

Turn off and restart your Bluetooth function under Settings, look for and select Devices, click on the Bluetooth section, click on/off switch to restart Bluetooth. If device still doesn’t connect to computer after restarting Bluetooth, restart computer.

Go to device manager and right click on “Bluetooth Peripheral Device.” Select “Update driver software.” Choose “Browse my computer for driver software.” Choose “Let me pick from a list of devices on my computer.” Select “Ports (COM & LPT). Select "Microsoft" at "Manufacturer" list. Finally select "Standard Serial over Bluetooth link."

If device does not connect to Windows 10 after you reinstall the Bluetooth driver then

go to RUN (Windows Logo + R) and type “services.msc” and Enter. Now find “Bluetooth Support Service” and double click on it. Now click on Log On Tab and Type in "Local Service" without quotes. Click on “This Account”. Now remove any passwords leave the password field blank. Underneath the upper left title should be a hyperlink "Start" Click it.

Speaker has low quality or no audio/sound.

Make sure the Bluetooth setting of the device that the speaker is trying to connect to is on. If it is still not connecting, please turn off the Bluetooth setting and turn it back on to pair it with the speaker. If it does not connect, please check the Bluetooth connection page above.

If an auxiliary cord is being used, make sure that both ends of the cord is firmly inserted into the device and the speaker. If that does not work, check the quality of the cord by connecting it to another compatible device. If it does not work, that indicates a faulty auxiliary cord and it should be replaced with a new one.

If the auxiliary cord does work, please refer to the Auxiliary Jack Replacement Guide.

Interference that might be affecting the connection of the speaker.

Interference from other devices Because Bluetooth devices and wireless LAN (IEEE802.11b/g) use the same frequency, microwave interference may occur and resulting in communication speed deterioration, noise, or invalid connection if the speaker is used near a wireless LAN device. In such a case, perform the following. Use the speaker at least 10 m (about 30 ft) away from the wireless LAN device. If the speaker is used within 10 m (about 30 ft) of a wireless LAN device, turn off the wireless LAN device. To be able to use the Bluetooth function, the Bluetooth device to be connected requires the same profile as the system’s the 'If Device Doesn’t Connect to Windows 10 After Reinstall Bluetooth Driver' troubleshooting page will help solve that.

If the sound played on the speaker is slightly delayed from the sound played on the Bluetooth device during talking on the telephone or listening to the music. The delay may be related to the device in connection to the speaker. Even if the connected device conforms to Bluetooth standard, some devices may not be connected or work correctly, depending on the features or specifications of the device. Noise or sound skips may occur depending on the Bluetooth device connected with the speaker, the communication environment or the usage environment.


Sony srsx2 orange charging light still stays on after six hours without being used, even left it charging overnight and olso changed the battery following the instructions thinking that the original battery was dud, don't know what to do next please help?

Ian Anderson - Reply

Same problem here too, also sometimes have to unplug AC and plug back in again to get the orange charging light to show, barely 18 months old, just another disappointing Sony product, I have had a lifetime of them, never learn.

Paul Mac -

same here… orange light stays on well, as long as its plugged in charging…

Michael Eglintine - Reply

When I turn on the speaker, there's light only on the power and extra bass button. And when I try to connect it to a Bluetooth device by holding power button for 3-4 seconds, the light above the Bluetooth icon starts to blink but wouldn't say bluetooth pairing as it used to say before. It's just been 20 days since I bought this product, so please give me a proper solution for my issue!

Jagadisan S - Reply

The speaker shows led light on the power button but it doesn't turn on or pair

Kenneth Enyi - Reply

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