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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Screen Intermittently Turns Black ¶ 

About every 40 minutes, the screen will flash black for about 2 seconds.

Hard Restart ¶ 

Sometimes the PlayStation 3D Display simply needs a hard restart. Power down device and unplug all cables. Hold power button down for 10 seconds after power is disconnected. Plug all cables back in and power device back on.

HDMI Control ¶ 

Sometimes, the HDMI Control feature can cause the screen to periodically flicker black. Pull up the main menu. Scroll down to "Settings.'' Turn "HDMI Control" off.

Faulty HDMI Cable ¶ 

This problem may be due to a faulty HDMI Cable. Replace the supplied HDMI cable with a new one.

3D Glasses not working properly ¶ 

Your 3D glasses are either not connecting or not properly synced with the TV.

Battery Switch on the Glasses ¶ 

Check that the "Battery" switch on the glasses is in the "on" position and that the glasses are charged.

Re-sync the glasses ¶ 

Turn the glasses off, wait a few seconds, then turn them back on.

Check the glasses ¶ 

Check if both of the glasses are having problems. If only one of the pairs is having issues, it may need to be replaced.

Replace 3D Sync Transmitter ¶ 

If both of the glasses power on but do not work properly, the 3D Sync Transmitter may need to be replaced.

Device Won't Turn On ¶ 

Evident when indicator bar doesn't turn on when device is plugged in or powered on.

Loose Power Cable ¶ 

Check that the power cord is securely plugged in on both ends and properly connected.

Defective Power Cable ¶ 

Replace the power cable with a new one.

Defective Power Port ¶ 

The power port may need to be replaced.

Unresponsive Screen ¶ 

One of the most common issues with the device.

Upon power up, the indicator light will flash red twice and continue to do so until the device is turned back off. When this happens the screen will not come on and the device will remain unresponsive.

Hard Restart ¶ 

Sometimes the PlayStation 3D Display simply needs a hard restart. Power down device and unplug all cables. Hold power button down for 10 seconds after power is disconnected. Plug all cables back in and power device back on.

Main Board Failure ¶ 

This has been a common issue with the device. Unfortunately there is no conclusive solution. Consider contacting the store you bought the device from or Sony about this issue.

Unresponsive Buttons ¶ 

Certain buttons fail to recognize an input making it difficult/impossible to adjust volume or settings.

Buttons Need To Be Cleaned ¶ 

Turn the device off and gently clean on and around the buttons.

Buttons Worn Out ¶ 

A replacement of the buttons may be needed,

No Sound/Poor Quality ¶ 

When in use there is no sound or poor, scratchy, sound quality.

Check All Audio Connections ¶ 

Check that all audio cables are properly connected.

Adjust Settings ¶ 

Go into the menu and adjust the audio settings to see if this corrects the problem.

Blown Speakers ¶ 

The speakers may be blown and a replacement of the side speakers may be needed.

Indicator Lights not Illuminating ¶ 

At the bottom off the screen, under the PlayStation logo, there is an indicator light bar.

When device is plugged in there is no red indicator light but device still can turn on. When in use there is no blue indicator light.

Burnt-out Light Bar ¶ 

In this case the indicator light bar will need to be replaced.


Thank you for the hard restart. Bought this on release day and just had this happen for the first time. Could get volume but no picture. You seriously just save it's life as it was going attempt to fly out the window 5 stories high. But really thank you so much

Ghost - Reply

What about flickering static?

Mark Thomas - Reply

Is there any solution to the flashing red light and screen not showing a displace?

I'm having unresponsive screen problems

Carlos - Reply

Mine done same thing after a storm. I can get HDMI 1 to work as long as I'm using both 1 and 2 and both devices regardless of what device isvas long as they both on and both in ports then HDMI 1 will work and TV acts normal but you will lose signal if you unplug HDMI 2 or turn off device on HDMI 2. I hv no idea why this works or why it effects other port.

Dwayne Walden -

Worst display ever!

This thing turn black for no reason and your tips doesn't help at all

This is made for gaming but I can't game when the screen turn black randomly.

ti_prodigy14 - Reply

Still think the display is quite nice and use it as a TV in the spare bedroom (works with generic Sony remote and HDMI input from satellite box), but I too have had problems with it. Luckily, my main board failed (blinking red light) while it was still under warranty. They sent me a free shipping box and prepaid label and I got back a working unit a couple weeks later.

Now though, every couple weeks the picture won't come on, just the sound. Easy fix, like mentioned before, is to hard reset the monitor. I just unplug it for a few seconds and when plugged back in, it works again for a couple weeks, month, or so.

Dan M -

This TV has a screen black out problem that none of your tricks could help. This panel over heats with prolonged use and the only way to fix it is to put a fan behind it.

Jarrod Younger - Reply

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