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Sony Handycam HDR-CX675 Troubleshooting

The Sony Handycam HDR-CX675 was released December 2015 and is identified by the model name HDR-CX675.

Camera Will Not Capture Footage Properly ¶ 

The camera is not starting in any possible way. It might not turn on.

Lens is Displaced ¶ 

Lens is loose and it does not record stably. The lens got displaced, it may have fallen on the floor or the screws were not tightened properly. A screwdriver is needed to tighten the loose screws and make sure that everything is in place. Use guide to replace lens.

Lens Does Not Focus ¶ 

The screen is showing what is supposed to be recorded, but the picture/video is blurry and not clear.

The auto focus could be disabled. To turn on the auto focus. Go to menu, camera/mic, manual settings, then go to focus and select Auto.

Camera Does Not Turn On ¶ 

The camera does not work even when it is plugged to the computer or the power adapter.

Battery Will Not Charge ¶ 

The camera might not charge when plugged to the computer. It might need a replacement battery. To replace the battery, the LCD screen needs to opened and the slider needs to be pushed in the direction where it says “batt” in the direction of the arrow.

Battery is Dead ¶ 

The handycam needs to be charged. It can be done by plugging it to the wall using a USB adapter or directly connecting it to the computer via USB. Use guide to replace battery.

Camera Does Not Record ¶ 

There is no way to record anything. It might not turn on.

No Space Available In Memory Card ¶ 

The memory is full and there is no space available at all. In order to record more media, delete unwanted videos and pictures. To do that, open the LCD screen and press the play button located above the power button. Use the navigational buttons to navigate through the recordings. Select the recordings using the (2) button on the screen and delete by pressing the “trash can” icon.

Memory Stick is Faulty ¶ 

The memory card cannot be read by the video recorder and it may need to be replaced. Use guide to replace memory stick.

Buttons Are Not Responsive ¶ 

The buttons opposite of the screen are stuck or unresponsive, they might be dirty from frequent usage.

Buttons do not respond. They might need to be replaced, if it did not work after cleaning. Use guide to replace and fix buttons.

LCD Screen is Not Showing Anything ¶ 

The LCD screen does not show image. LCD screen could be dirty or damaged. Use guide to replace LCD screen.


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