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How to properly clean parts of the phone

Cleaning the Battery

You will want to remove the battery and clean any accumulated dust and dirt from the connectors, on both the battery and the phone. You can clean the connectors with a soft brush, cloth, or q-tip moistened with any type of unflavored, colorless alcohol. The connectors of the battery and the phone need to be completely dry before you put the battery back into the phone.

Cleaning the Camera

Here is the guide for how to remove the camera. Dab some clean distilled water on a microfiber cloth and gently wipe down and around the outer lens of the camera. Do not apply to much pressure. Allow to air dry and then complete the guide in reverse.

Cleaning the Screen

Here is the guide for how to expose the LCD screen of the phone. Dab some clean distilled water on a microfiber cloth and gently wipe down the LCD screen. Allow to air dry and then complete the guide in reverse.

Error Messages

Concerning error messages that appear on the Sony Ericsson

Phone displays No Network or Emergency Calls Only

  • Determine the areas where the issue occurs. Elevators, mountains, parking lots, and other enclosed areas may cause signal interference. You may be able to improve reception by moving to an open location free from obstructions.
  • Restart the phone.
  • Perform a network search from the phone menu to check if any networks are available within range. Try to select a networks manually, and see if the phone can connect to that network.
  • Remove the SIM card and test with a known good SIM card to isolate the issue. Please note, that for some models unsaved messages in the phone may not be available after swapping SIM cards.

Alien Battery

If you get the alien battery error message: check for damage to the connectors of the phone. If you have an original Sony Ericsson battery, and your phone displays an alien battery message, cleaning the battery as described above might help correct the problem.

Here is how to take out the battery.

Hardware Problems

Concerning problems with the hardware of the phone

Phone has stopped vibrating

Here is the guide for how to remove the vibration cell. Complete the guide in reverse order with a new vibration cell to restore your phones ability to vibrate.

The phones buttons are jammed

Here is the guide for how to remove the front faceplate from your Sony Ericsson W810I cell phone. Once you have done that, rearrange the keypad so that the buttons are no longer stuck under the faceplate and follow the guide again in reverse order.

Replacing the case

Follow the guide here for instructions on how to remove the old case and follow the guide in reverse to install the new case.

Messaging Problems

Concerning problems with sending and reviving SMS messages

Message will not send

Check to make sure you have signal in the area you are sending the message from.

Recipient not found

Make sure the area code of the person you are sending a SMS message to is entered.

MMS message settings

To be able to send and receive MMS messages (picture or music messages), your network subscription must support picture messages and you must have MMS settings in your phone. If you are unsure about your plan you should contact your subscription service.

Power Problems

Concerning problems with the battery and power to the cell phone

Phone will not switch on

Clean the battery as is described above.

If this does not work, try your phone with another battery. If the phone turns on, you might need a new battery. Before replacing your battery, ensure that your charger works properly.

Here is how to take out the battery.

Phone Freezes

To restart your phone:

  1. Press and hold "PWR/END" to turn off the phone.
  2. Remove the battery for 30 seconds.
  3. Re-insert the battery and turn on the phone.

Problems with Accessories

Concerning problems with phone accessories

Infrared Connection Issues

Some phones may not support this transfer method. Check that the infrared port is turned on in the phone, and that the phone is aligned with the infrared port on the other device. Before you start connecting your phone to a computer, the infrared device in the computer must be installed (see the manufacturer's product documentation) and working properly.

USB Cable Issues

If you are experiencing problems with USB cable data transfers:

  • Check that the USB cable is plugged directly into the computer rather than through a hub.
  • Restart the computer without disconnecting the USB cable or turning off the phone.
  • Check that the drivers are installed:
    1. On the computer: select Start > Control Panel.
    2. Select System > Hardware > Device Manager.
    3. If installed correctly, in Ports (COM & LPT) you will see Sony Ericsson XXX (COM?) and Sony Ericsson YYY (COM?).
    4. If not installed, right click on the entry in "Other Devices," select "Update Drivers," and complete the Hardware Update Wizard. Note: If your phone supports PC Suite or Active Sync, the drivers are included in the application.
  • Remove software for other phones and PDAs, and then uninstall and reinstall the drivers. If McAfee software is used, the Sony Ericsson software should be reinstalled with this temporarily disabled. In some cases it has to be uninstalled to allow the connection.
  • Run a spyware scan.
  • Try connecting the phone to another computer to help diagnose the problem further.
  • Ensure you transfer files to the correct folder in your phone. Files placed in the wrong folder may not be visible; for example, you might not be able to listen to MP3 tracks in the music player if they are not stored correctly.

Please note, that you cannot view the transferred files in your phone until you have removed the USB cable from the phone.


Concerning problems with the Bluetooth™ and Bluetooth™ headsets

Bluetooth™ Connection Problems

Make sure your phone and the other Bluetooth™ device are charged, switched on and within range of each other. Make sure Bluetooth™ wireless technology is turned on, and that the devices are set to be visible for other Bluetooth™ devices. Check that the two devices are paired, and have found each other. If there are still problems, you'll have to reset the connection and pair the two devices again.

In some Bluetooth™ installations, you must activate a COM port manually in your computer. This is done differently for different brands and models of Bluetooth™ devices. Please see the manufacturer's product documentation.

If a COM port is not activated

  1. In many cases, you can right-click on your phone icon in the window where all found Bluetooth™ devices are shown, and select a 'COM port activation' item in the menu. Make a note of the COM port number of the activated port.
    1. Open Sony Ericsson PC Suite and click Tools/Phone Monitor Options…/Com Ports. Enable the COM port you activated in step 1.
    2. Keep the Bluetooth™ wireless technology turned on in your phone, restart the computer and try to connect again.

Bluetooth™ Headset

Make sure the headset is charged, switched on and within range of the phone. Check that the headset is paired with your phone, and that the Bluetooth™ is turned on on the phone. If there are still problems with the connection between the phone and the headset, you must reset your headset.


Concerning problems with the camera

Camera Quality

To improve camera quality:

  • If available in your phone, use scenes settings to optimize the photos you capture. Each scenes setting will adjust the camera settings to the specific photography situation.
  • If available in your phone, activate the camera image stabilizer.
  • If your phone supports auto focus: Press the camera key halfway down, and when the camera has focus on the object, press to capture the photo.
  • Manually set the white balance to adjust the photo color balance according to the lighting conditions.
  • Adjust the picture quality level for the kind of photo you want.

Here is how to replace your camera.

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