Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V Troubleshooting

16.2 MP digital still camera with 16x optical zoom lens. Camera was manufactured by Sony and sold in 2011.

The screen error message “Turn the power off and on again” may accompany the problem. Possible causes for a stuck lens is power failure, dropping the camera while the lens is extended, or debris collected inside the lens system. The camera may require disassembly to repair the extend mechanism if these troubleshooting methods do not help.

Remove the battery from the camera and replace with fully charged battery or a replacement Sony approved battery. Reinstall the battery and press POWER to see if it turns on.

Place index finger on the crooked part of the extender. Place thumb on the camera opposite of your index finger. Pull the extender with your index finger until you hear an audible click noise. The guide pins should now be aligned to allow the extending mechanism to work.

Hold the camera upside down with the lens facing downward. Place the corner end of a piece of paper inside the extending mechanism of the stuck lens. Slowly go full circle with the piece of paper until it encompasses the full diameter of the extending mechanism of the lens. This should dislodge any stuck debris that may have been trapped inside during operation.

This problem relates to battery power not being received by the camera.

The camera battery may require charging. Plug camera into the charging cable and allow it to recharge to full. Once this is done, press the POWER button on the camera and see if it turns on.

Over time, camera batteries may be unable to hold a charge after years of use. Replace the camera battery with an approved Sony battery and recharge. Reinstall new battery and press POWER to see if the camera turns on.

Dust and dirt may have inadvertently collected inside the battery compartment on the terminal connections which may cause the camera to not turn on. Remove the camera battery and set aside. Using a Q-tip, wipe the battery contact points inside the compartment. Use the same Q-tip and wipe the terminals on the battery itself. Reinstall battery and press POWER to test the camera.

When trying to insert SD card back into the memory slot, the door does not lock into place.

Fold a piece of paper into a small square. Hold the paper over the SD card slot and attempt to close the door. The sheet of paper should force the memory card down far enough for the door to lock and create an audible click noise.

Using a flashlight, inspect the SD card slot and look for debris. If debris is found, attempt to dislodge it with a hairpin and remove from the slot. Reinstall SD card and ensure it locks into place.

Pictures from camera do not display on external screen when using an HDMI cable.

Check HDMI settings on the camera and ensure it is set to be used with an external screen such as a television or computer monitor.

Ensure your television is set to the proper HDMI port the camera is plugged in. Enable HDMI viewing on the camera to see if pictures show on your television screen. If no images appear, plug HDMI cable into another HDMI plug on the television and repeat the process. If an image does not appear again, replace defective HDMI cable.

This section is to help troubleshoot battery charging problems.

If the battery drains quickly while in use, perform the following battery power cycle steps.

Completely drain the battery by allowing it to stay powered until exhausted. Test battery power levels by attempting to turn it on by pressing POWER. If the camera does not turn on, then the battery is fully drained. Place camera on the charger for 48 hours to complete a full battery power cycle.

If the battery is unable to hold a charge, replace with an approved Sony battery.


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