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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H300 Troubleshooting

''This troubleshooting page will help you find problems with your Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H300 and guide you how to fix it.''

Flash ¶ 

Flash doesn't work ¶ 

When photos are taken the flash will not extend from the camera.

The flash cannot be used in the following cases:

  • (Night Scene) mode, (High Sensitivity) mode or (Fireworks) mode is selected in Scene Selection, select the desired mode.
  • Shooting [Sweep Panorama], select the desired mode.
  • Shooting in moving mode.
  • Set flash to [On] when Scene Selection mode is set to Landscape, Gourmet, Pet, Beach, or Snow mode.

Screen ¶ 

Images are unable to be displayed ¶ 

The photos taken cannot be looked at again on the computer.

  • Make sure the memory card is completely inside the camera.
  • The file/folder name does not match up the name of that within the camera. Change the file path to match that of the camera.
  • The camera is in USB mode. Take the camera off USB mode.
  • Utilize [PlayMemories Home] to play the images in the computer.
  • No guarantees are made for playing back on this camera.

Time and date are not displayed ¶ 

The time will not show up and neither will the current date.

  • The display on the screen is set to only display the image. Press DISP (display setting) on the control button to show the information.

Music cannot be heard during a slideshow ¶ 

When using the slideshow feature the music will not play.

  • The slideshow is set to “continuous playback.” Change this to “slideshow with music” then playback.

TV does not display the image that is on the camera screen ¶ 

When the camera is connected to the television and the image on the camera won’t display on the television.

  • Check “Video out” and make sure the video output signal matches that of the color system of the TV.
  • Make sure the connection is correct with all the cables.

Battery ¶ 

Battery does not display its correct percentage ¶ 

The camera displays incorrect battery percentage.

  • This can occur in cases of extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold. Go to a more moderate temperature.
  • If alkaline batteries are used (sold separately), the percentage display may be incorrect. Use different batteries.
  • The batteries may be discharged, insert new batteries.

Battery runs out of charge too quick ¶ 

The Battery dies when it is not expected to die.

  • The batteries may be used in an extremely cold area. Go to a warmer area of moderate temperature, or insulate the camera well.
  • The batteries are out of charge, replace the batteries.

Camera will not turn on ¶ 

Pressing power button yields no results.

  • Make sure the batteries are inside correctly.
  • The batteries may be discharged, insert new batteries.
  • The batteries are out of charge, replace the batteries.

Camera randomly turns off ¶ 

The camera’s power turns off randomly.

  • The batteries may be discharged, insert new batteries.
  • If the power save feature is set to “max” or “standard,” then the camera will automatically turn itself off after a period of time to save power. Turn the camera back on and turn off power save feature.

Rear Case ¶ 

Loose case ¶ 

The case doesn’t stay in position.

  • Check if screws are loose/missing. Replace the screws.
  • The rear screen is cracked/broken. Replace the screen.

Buttons not working ¶ 

Pressing buttons is slow/unresponsive.

  • Make sure rear case is secured and in place.
  • If button is still not responsive, the button may need to be replaced.

Lens ¶ 

The lens gets fogged up ¶ 

Unable to see images clearly after image is taken.

  • Turn off the camera and leave it for a while before turning the camera back on again.

The camera turns off with the lens portion extended ¶ 

Unable to use camera even if the lens extended.

  • The batteries are out of charge, replace the batteries.
  • If lens is in motion, do not attempt to forcefully stop the lens.


whats the voltage requirements for the DCS H300? im wanting to use two 3.7 volt lithium AAs rather than Four, 1.5 alkalines, now i have Four 1.2 volt nickel metal hydrate batterys

Neil Hargitt - Reply

Issue: I had the same issues. Camera would not open to shoot photos or movie. Would only come in in playback mode but on/off would not work.

Solution: After multiple reset attempt. I change the batteries to Brand new Duracells. Everything works as it should.. I was using cheap batteries. My assumption is the camera needs strong batteries since cameras are higher energy consuming.

U2ube Connection - Reply

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