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Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W120 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will address the following issues: camera will not turn on or shuts off suddenly, camera shuts off after lens extends or zoom is used, flash does not work, zoom does not work, anti-­blur function does not work, and image is out of focus.

LCD Screen Will Not Function/ Display ¶ 

"The camera powers on, but the LCD screen is blank/ won't function."

Low Charge ¶ 

Low battery life is a common culprit in this area; the power levels are critically low, the LCD display may stop functioning as before the device dies completely. Try charging the camera or replacing the battery.

LCD Circuit Board Is Damaged ¶ 

In this case the LCD display unit will have to be replaced entirely. Please refer to our repair guide: Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W120 LCD Screen Replacement

Camera Will Not Turn On ¶ 

You have pressed the power button, but your camera will not power on.

Battery ¶ 

Often if the camera will not power on, it is an issue with the battery. Make sure that the battery is compatible with the camera, installed correctly, and fully charged. If the problem persists, the battery may be discharged and in need of replacement. Please refer to our repair guide: Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W120 Battery Replacement

Battery Terminal ¶ 

The camera may not be charging because the battery terminal needs to be cleaned. It can be cleaned using isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab. Corrosion can be removed with white vinegar and a cotton swab.

Camera Error ¶ 

If the camera won’t turn on and it is not an issue with the battery or battery terminal, performing a factory reset may fix the problem. Remove the battery from the camera and hold down the power button for fifteen seconds. Reinsert the battery and turn on the camera.

Camera Shuts Off Suddenly ¶ 

Your camera powers down automatically.

Energy Saving Feature ¶ 

The Sony Cybershot is programmed to automatically power down after about three minutes of sitting idle. Pressing the power button will turn it on again if this is the case.

Dead Battery ¶ 

If the camera runs out of battery, it will shut off. Replace the battery or plug it into a power source, and turn it on.

Flash Does Not Work ¶ 

Flash is turned on, but there is no flash function when you attempt to take a photo. An error code beginning with E:91 may be blinking on the display screen.

Bad Circuit Board ¶ 

If the flash will not function in one of the camera's flash-compatible modes, the problem most likely lies in the circuit board; an error code beginning with E:91 confirms this, in which case the flash-unit circuit board will need to be replaced.

Zoom Does Not Work ¶ 

The lens does not extend when the zoom button is pressed or when the camera powers on. There may be an on-screen error message to turn the camera off and on again, or the camera may shut off suddenly.

Camera Error ¶ 

The message "turn the camera off and on again," may appear when the zoom button is pressed. If this is due to a camera error, it may be fixed by one of several solutions:

  • Turn the camera off, lay it on its back, and press and hold the power and shutter buttons at once until the camera turns on.
  • Insert the AV cable and turn the camera on.
  • Reset the camera to factory settings by removing the battery and memory card from the camera and hold down the power button for fifteen seconds. Reinsert the battery and turn on the camera.

Jammed Lens ¶ 

There may be a blockage preventing the lens mechanism from working properly. In this case, an error message will appear, halting lens extension to stop lens damage from occurring.

  • Obstructions in the gears of the lens can be removed with a squeeze bulb. Aim the squeeze bulb so that air pushes obstructions out. Be careful not to damage the lens.
  • Compressed air can also be used to remove obstructions in the lens mechanism.

Lens Unit ¶ 

The lens unit may be in need of replacement. Please refer to out repair guide: Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W120 Lens Assembly/ Replacement

Image Is Out of Focus ¶ 

Area in face recognition square is out of focus.

Auto Focus Not Working Properly ¶ 

If the shutter speed is too slow, this will cause the images to appear blurry and out of focus. This may be fixed by selecting the Steady Shot and Anti-Blur Mode option in your camera settings.


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