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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

If your device is taking pictures that appear to be blurry take a look at the lens. The lens may appear to have dust.

If dust is on outside of lens take a camera friendly cloth and wipe the lens. You may also need to remove the lens if dust is on the inside. Replace or remove the lens using this guide.

LCD will not light up, appearing black or blank.

One reason your LCD may be appearing black is because the battery isn't charged. Be sure the battery is fully charged before using the device.

Check to make sure the device is turned on by pressing the ON/OFF button.

If the LCD is still black after you have checked the battery and that the device is on, you may need to replace the back light or LCD. Be sure to rule out all other options first. Replace the LCD using this guide.

Spots appear on image on LCD or actual picture.

Due to a poor design error, black spots may appear on photos when using the flash. When the lens is fully extended it is in the line of sight of the flash. To solve this problem try adjusting the zoom so the lens isn't in the way of the flash, or by changing the angle of the shot.

Images in your photos are distorted.

When you are taking a photo, the device's auto focus is dependent on contrasting colors. If you are taking a photo with one color, or similar colors, the device may not be able to focus properly.

Dust may have collected on the outside or inside of the lens. If so, wipe off the lens with a camera friendly cloth. To remove or replace the lens, use this guide.

Your camera won't turn on even though you have had the battery on the charger.

The battery may have collected too much dirt or various other things on it. To solve this problem, wipe off the battery and the charger with a cloth.

Cold weather tends to negatively effect battery performance. This can increase required charging time and reduce battery life. You may have to wait for the temperature to rise or try warming the battery with your hands.

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