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Sony BDP BX350

DVD Player Won’t Power On ¶ 

The player will not power up at all or show any signs of functionality.

Faulty Power Adaptor ¶ 

Ensure that the adaptor is plugged in correctly and that the outlet is working. If the adaptor shows no signs of life (meaning when plugged into any device, all devices used on it do not work) then the adaptor is faulty. Consider buying a new adaptor.

Faulty Power Input ¶ 

When plugged in if the DVD player does not light up but the adaptor is working then this means that the Power Input Port on the DVD player is faulty. See how [invalid guide link].

Visual/Audio Problems ¶ 

Image output/display is distorted, blurry, or discolored. Audio/sound production is low quality or non-existent.

Input setup ¶ 

When setting up the player to your TV, the player uses an HDMI to HDMI cord. The TV you use to connect to the Sony BDP BX350 must have an HDMI port, and must be put onto the correct input setting for you to see and hear the player. It is important to check your TV settings and make sure that the HDMI cord is plugged in well.

Faulty HDMI Cord ¶ 

If the TV is on the correct settings and both devices are plugged in check the cord itself. Is the cord frayed or bent harshly in any spots? At each end of the HDMI cord are any of the inner pins bent or missing? This may be a sign to get a new HDMI cord.

Faulty HDMI Port ¶ 

If your display device is not showing the player's display picture and the previous steps did not resolve your issues, it could mean one of two things.

  1. The HDMI Port on your Blu-ray device is faulty or
  2. The HDMI Port on your display device is faulty.

If these options do not solve your problem, you may have an internal hardware issue that would require you to open the player and inspect the internal components.

See how to fix the HDMI port on your Sony BDP BX350 here [invalid guide link].

Disc Tray Won’t Eject ¶ 

The disc tray will not slide open when the eject button is pressed, therefore user cannot remove or enter disc into player.

Restart Blu-ray Player ¶ 

It’s best to check to see if it’s just a momentary problem by resetting the Blu-ray player. Turn off and unplug the Blu-ray player, wait 30 seconds.

Then press and hold the open/close button on the front of the player, plug the power supply cord back into the outlet, and release the button.

If the tray did not open, it may be stuck and need to be manually removed. See how [invalid guide link].

Disc Error ¶ 

The player will not read disc; disc does not play

Clean Disc ¶ 

If your device is not reading the disc, eject the disc and check that it is clean without dust or scratches. If the disc is not clean, gently wipe it with a microfiber cloth, then reinsert it and try it again. There could be an issues with the disc and you should try to play a different disc in the Blu-ray player before continuing.

Clean the Disc Reading Lens ¶ 

The lens in the Blu-ray player may be dirty. Try cleaning it with a lens cleaning disc.

Update Blu-Ray Player ¶ 

Try updating the Blu-ray player’s firmware. Instructions for updating the firmware can be found here.

If the Blu-ray player is still unable to read any discs, the disc tray may be broken and will need to be replaced. See how to do so [invalid guide link].

Doesn’t Connect With Wifi ¶ 

The player will not connect with the wireless network setup.

Wifi Settings ¶ 

If the player cannot connect with wifi, there could be an underlying issue with the connection setup. To fix this, check the network connection in the wireless network settings.

If the problem continues, check the player connection to the wireless router. You may have to turn the router off briefly for approximately 30 seconds, and turn it back on afterwards.

Faulty Wifi Card ¶ 

If the router is working and the player will not connect it make be an internal issue with the wireless connection card. Here’s a guide on how to replace the wireless connection card. [invalid guide link].


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