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Sony Alpha NEX-6 Troubleshooting

Sony Alpha NEX-6 Released: September 2012 Part Number: SELP1650


The LCD Screen is Dark or Unclear.

If the camera is taking dimly lit shots or displays dark background light, then the camera is probably set with low brightness. Low brightness generally indicates that the settings for brightness are not properly set. This may be a preset value of a camera. Go to the "photocreativity" icon in the camera by:

  1. Set the shooting mode to [Intelligent Auto] or [Superior Auto].
  2. Select "Photo Creativity".
  3. Select brightness.
  4. Set the desired brightness (Select "Auto" to return to the original status of brightness).

If the screen is black and the camera is unresponsive to commands from knobs, the camera may be shut off. This may be caused by accidentally flipping a switch, or losing power via batteries. Make sure the camera is on by rotating the dial around the shutter button, and that the camera has batteries with energy.

Battery Replacement Guide

This can be classified as black, white or colored spots on the LCD screen. Try using the camera at a different angle or in a different area. If neither option works, remove the lens and clean it up using the Lens Dis-assembly Guide below.

Lens Dis-assembly Guide

This error is caused when dust or pollen particles reflect light, OR due to the effect of magnetically affected materials close to the LCD screen. Avoid putting metal/iron objects such as floppy disks or credit cards next to the LCD screen.

The screen may be broken if the screen remains unclear even after undergoing the above procedures. If the screen seems damaged, loose, discolored, or otherwise faulty in any way, it is most likely damaged or broken. This can be caused by an internal circuit malfunction or dropping the camera.

Replace the screen as provided by the Sony Alpha NEX-6 LCD Screen Replacement Guide below.

LCD Screen Replacement Guide


The camera does not turn on or display even after rotating the dial.

If the camera will turn on but won't show anything on the screen, this is probably due to a bad SD card. The camera will not be able to use the memory in it. Viewers should usually get a message saying that it can not read the SD card. Replace the SD card by purchasing a card directly from the Manufacturer.

If the camera does not make a sound upon turning on, nor displays information, then it is more than likely due to a dead battery. Before replacing the dead battery, clean up the battery slot and try rebooting the camera. If this is unsuccessful, replace the battery. The battery removal guide can be found below.

There is a possibility that the camera turns off immediately after removing it from charging. These types of situations occur when the camera is typically either in an environment too hot or cold. Change the environment or the room temperature. This camera operates smoothly between 50°F and 86°F.

If the problem persists, this is either due to a bad charger or a bad battery. Try changing the charger to see if the camera can stay on after recharging and removing the charger. If not then the battery pack is more than likely the cause of the problem. Replace the battery pack with the guide shown below.

Battery Replacement/Removal Guide


The camera lens gets stuck, the lens is not attached properly.

If the Lens is not tightly fastened to the camera, then the lens may not be correctly manufactured for the camera. The Lens must be a Sony E Mount Model. Many customers prefer to buy a camera an attach a preference lens to the item. If this is the case, replace the lens to keep from further damaging the camera. Contact the manufacturer in order to obtain the correct form of lens. A guide to lens replacement can be found below.

If the lens seems smudged, cracked or scratched in anyway, then the lens is damaged, preventing proper attachment to the camera. If that is so, then replace the item by contacting the manufacturer and purchasing a new Sony E Mount Model. A guide to lens replacement can be found below.

If the lens mount is loose, jagged or in anyway, not flush with the camera, then the lens mount is most likely damaged. This will cause the camera lens to be poorly attached. This can be caused by poor manufacturing design or dropping the camera. Replace the lens mount using the replace lens mount guide below.

Lens Dis-assembly Guide

Lens Mount Dis-assembly Guide


Unclear picture or no response from the Viewfinder.

If the LCD display seems blurry, fuzzy or smudgy, then the Viewfinder is most likely affected. This can be caused by mishandling a camera while dismantling it, or poorly adjusting the dioter. Adjust the diopter until you receive a clear image.

If the LCD screen display is not displaying proper imagery, then the viewfinder is considered critically damaged. This can be caused by poor handling of that camera during dismantling. Contact the manufacturer for further information regarding replacement of the Viewfinder.


The camera casing is loose or damaged, ultimately causing problems with user interface.

If the wheel on the back of the camera seems loose, stuck, or otherwise faulty and unresponsive with respect to the rest of the camera, then the Control Wheel requires maintenance. This can be caused by usage over time or dropping the camera. Follow the Control Wheel Replacement guide found below to remove, replace or tighten the wheel.

Control Wheel Replacement Guide

If the back case is loose, shaky, or unable to hold tight to the frame of the camera, then it is in need of maintenance. This can be caused by dropping the camera or hitting it with any other force. Attempt to refit the case by pushing it lightly into place. If this fails, follow the Back Case Replacement Guide below.

Back Case Replacement Guide


When I take a photo with the Sony NEX-6, it takes the photo, but immediately locks up and says “Camera Error” “Turn camera off and on again”. I have updated the firmware to the correct version. Camera out of warranty. Seems to be getting worse. Camera unusable with this problem. Help!!!

Tim Pflaum - Reply

Its possible its the Electronic Front Shutter. If you go into the settings menu you can switch it from “on” to “off” and it should work without the error. Otherwise you may have to send it in to Sony for a pricey repair. Some people have made walkthrough videos on repairing it at home.

Nick Spletstoser -

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