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Sony Alpha NEX-5N Troubleshooting

This highly-versatile device is called the Sony Alpha NEX-5N. It is a camera designed for those who are looking for both a high-quality camera and video recording device, with several creative features.

The device overheats after approximately 10-20 minutes of video recording. An error message appears, initiating a shut down in order to cool off.

Lift the LCD screen to reveal the warm panel underneath. This will allow the area to cool off. You can peel off the sticker on the panel and open the battery door to help the panel ventilate more easily. If you want to go a step further, another option involves attaching a heat sink with thermal tape to the panel. When you’re recording, the heat sink will absorb the device’s warmth. In addition, turning off the Steady Shot feature will reduce the amount of energy the camera uses.

The camera is simply not meant for long periods of video recording, considering that recording requires more energy. Perhaps utilizing a different device will satisfy your needs.

A frequent clicking noise interferes with audio throughout video recordings.

The camera is attempting to adjust itself, generating the clicking noise. The only apparent solution is to contact Sony for a “Performance Improvement” fix.

The clicking is a result of the gap in the rail. The only apparent solution is to contact Sony for a “Performance Improvement” fix.

Air bubbles develop under the LCD screen, and the screen protector begins peeling at the corners

The screen is covered in dust and grime. Take a clean, dry microfiber cloth and gently wipe the screen off. If necessary, sparsely dampen the cloth with water. Do not utilize liquid-based cleaners or solvents, otherwise you can damage the screen.

Your camera is most likely worn, or perhaps faulty. The screen protector unavoidably became tattered over time. Order a new screen protector online and examine the screen protector replacement guide.

The device fails to turn on after pressing the power button.

The battery may hold little if any charge. Find your Sony Alpha NEX-5N charger and charge the battery. Wait approximately 5-10 minutes and turn the power on.

Examine the Sony NEX-5N battery replacement guide to walk you through replacing the battery.

If all else fails, perhaps something is wrong with the motherboard. Examine the Sony Alpha NEX-5N Motherboard replacement guide for removal. The motherboard may need to be dusted off. If not, take your device and motherboard to a store to receive help with replacement.

The lens will not attach to the E-mount. The lens falls off or attaches incorrectly.

Did you drop the device on a hard surface? You may have to replace the E-mount. Examine the E-mount replacement guide.

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