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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Check camera power condition by press and hold Power Switch. If screen is still in black and not turn on, release power switch, then remove battery out of device. If the battery is getting hot, wait for it cool down ( it will take about few minutes ). If the battery is normal, using external charger kits charging the battery in 10 mins. Then put the battery back into device. then turn on camera

Remove that battery out of device. Replace it by back up battery. Charging new battery in 5 minutes. Then try to turn on device .

Remove memory card out of slot, then remove battery . Put the camera in cool place in 20 minutes. Then power camera on

"The device cannot be recognized by a computer"

Restart the camera using the power switch located on the top while it is connected to the PC. Wait for the camera to be recognized by the PC.

Use another USB port on the device you're connecting to. If this does not work, manually install camera drivers by selecting your operating system and downloading them from the Sony website here.

Use another Micro USB cable if available. This is the same cable used by many mobile devices.

"Images cannot be saved by the camera."

Locate the slide switch at the bottom of the hand grip. Open the plastic panel by sliding the switch to reveal the memory card and battery. Push down the memory card to release it, and replace it with a new memory card.

Press the "Menu" button on the device. Press the right key (ISO) until you locate the toolbox icon on the fifth page. Press "Enter" button on the "Format" option and press the "Enter" button again to format the memory card. This will delete all existing data on the memory card.

"There are dust like spots on the images"

Remove the attached lens using the lens release button located in the bottom right. While holding the lens release button, twist the lens counter clockwise until it has detached. Using a small blower, squeeze the blower to dust off the dust on the sensor, DO NOT touch the tip of the blower to the sensor. Reattach the lens by aligning the white dot on the lens to the white dot on the camera and turn clockwise.

Find a local camera shop or an online service to have the sensor professionally cleaned.

"There isn't an image when looked into the viewfinder"

Make sure the lens cap has been taken off prior to shooting, remove lens cap off the lens and look through the viewfinder again.

The camera must be on to be able to look through the viewfinder. Make sure the battery is charged and toggle the power switch to the on position and look through the viewfinder.

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message says “attach lens properly”. tis is the optical steady shot  16-50. other lenses work fine.

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