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Sony Alpha A350 Troubleshooting

Released March 2008, identified by model number DSLR-A350

Camera Will Not Power On ¶ 

After pressing the power button the camera still remains off and unresponsive.

Faulty Charger  ¶ 

Check to make sure that the power cord is not damaged. If it is not, proceed to plugging the adapter in and connecting it to the camera. Check several power sources before trying a new charger.

Faulty Charging Port ¶ 

Check to make sure that the charging cord fits securely into the charging port. If it doesn’t not fit into the port make sure the port is clean of dust and debris.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

Remove the battery from the camera. Clean the battery and the battery port. (Do not use liquids or chemicals). Wait two minutes or until the battery is cool to the touch and place the battery back into the battery port. Turn the camera on.

Flash Won’t Operate ¶ 

When attempting to take a picture the camera does not flash.

Flash Is Off  ¶ 

Press the flash button, wait a few seconds, make sure the button is lit and then take the picture. Another option is to place the camera in Auto or Scene Selection mode and the flash will be automatically activated.

Closed Flash Port  ¶ 

Press the shutter button to release the flash component. Make sure that the lens or lens hood are not blocking the light for the flash.

Unable to View Picture  ¶ 

The picture on the camera screen is not visible at all, or unclear.

Colored Streaks Through Screen ¶ 

Turn the camera completely off and let it sit in a cool, dry place for an hour. Power the camera back on and reset it. If the colored streaks continue you to appear the LCD display screen will need to be replaced. You can find instructions here.

Image Appears Blurry ¶ 

Clean the lens on the front of the camera and refocus the camera manually by turning the lens in opposite directions until a clearer image is visible.

Cannot Select Camera Mode ¶ 

Cannot choose different options for functions on the camera.

Jammed Mode Dial ¶ 

Clean the area around the mode dial to remove any debris while gently turning the mode dial.

Selects Incorrect Option ¶ 

Be sure to place the selector directly on the desired setting. Power the camera off. Power the camera back on, and reset the camera.

Remote Is Not Working ¶ 

The remote will not release the shutter on the camera to take pictures.

No Connection ¶ 

The Sony Alpha A350 can only be connected to a wired remote; a wireless remote is not compatible with this device. Connect wired remote into the remote port located on the side of the camera and power the camera on.

Faulty Remote ¶ 

Make sure that the remote is compatible with the SONY ALPHA A350 and is not a wireless remote. After connecting the remote to the camera make sure that the remote is powered on and the shutter is released.


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