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Sony Alpha 6000 Troubleshooting

Released February 2014, identified by model ILCE-6000.

Screen Does Not Turn On ¶ 

You have trouble turning on the screen or having it display.

Low Battery ¶ 

Make sure the battery you are using is charged. The charging indicator may flash if the battery has not been charged in a while, or if it is brand new. If this is the case, remove the battery and then try charging it again.

If the charging indicator does not flash while charging, then make sure the battery terminal is not being obstructed by any material that may prevent it from charging. Use a dry cloth to rid of any foreign material in the battery terminal. Properly insert the battery in the camera and attempt to turn on the camera. If the camera still does not turn on, perform a manual reset on the camera. If the issue still persist, use a different battery to see if the issue lies with the battery and not the camera. Use this guide for a step-by-step walk-through.

Cracked Screen ¶ 

If the screen is cracked, it will display only a partial image or none at all. To fix this the screen must be replaced. Use this guide to replace the screen.

Settings Wheel Does Not Work ¶ 

The settings wheel is stuck and does not turn or it does not change the camera settings.

Does Not Turn At All ¶ 

If wheel is not turning, there may be something below the wheel that is blocking it. To fix this, remove the wheel with this guide and make sure nothing is stopping the wheel from turning

Settings Do Not Change ¶ 

The connection might be severed. So replace the connection wire or gear it with this guide.

Residue Buildup ¶ 

In order to remove residue, remove the wheel with this guide. Then wipe off the residue or any sort of blockage.

Shutter Button Is Unresponsive ¶ 

Your shutter button does not click and/or does not take pictures.

Residue Buildup In Or Around The Button ¶ 

There may be some residue build up underneath the shutter button. Therefore, remove the shutter button with this guide and wipe off the residue that is disrupting the connections.

Interior Connection Is Disrupted ¶ 

The connection pad to the motherboard underneath the shutter button may be defected. Remove the shutter button with this guide and replace the defective part.

Cannot See Through The Eyepiece ¶ 

You are unable to see, partially or at all, through your camera's eyepiece.

Eyepiece Is Dirty ¶ 

Make sure the eyepiece is not obstructed by any dirt or particles. To clean a dirty eyepiece, moisten a cotton swab with lens cleaner and wipe away the dirt, then dry with another cotton swab or lens cloth.

Eyepiece Is Blocked ¶ 

Confirm that the lens does not have the lens cap attached. If so simply remove the cap. There should not be anything between your eye and the eyepiece glass when looking through it.

The Lens Glass Is Broken ¶ 

This can occur through physical damage such as a fall to the camera. A lens with broken glass will need replacement. See this guide for steps on how to do so.

Camera Image Is Distorted ¶ 

The view of your target through the camera's viewfinder is not clear.

The Attached Lens Is Dislocated ¶ 

A dislocated lens causes a blurred image through the viewfinder and screen. If the lens of the camera is dislocated, replacing the lens will be necessary. Use this guide to correct this issue.

Attached Lens Needs Replacement ¶ 

To replace the attached camera lens, push the button on the outer edge of the lens to remove it. Attach the replacement lens by placing it against the camera lens dock and twist to lock it in place.


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