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Sony AZ1VR Troubleshooting

Released September 2, 2014.

Device won't work ¶ 

The power button doesn't turn it on.

Battery is dead ¶ 

If your device is not turning on and everything seems to be functioning, it is likely that your battery either needs to be charged, or replaced.

To change the battery, unlatch the front of the outer-shell by turning the device upside-down, holding the "open" switch down while you pull the latch up. This will loosen the grip on the front of the outer-shell allowing the camera to slide out.

On the back end of the camera, there is a switch that says "lock/open". Slide this down (a yellow sticker underneath will be visible), and then from the back, pull the side panel on the left side away from the device. This will reveal the battery compartment. With the battery exposed, you can remove it for charging, or to just simply replace with with another.

This battery model is the NP-BY1.

Battery isn't making a connection ¶ 

Check to see if the connectors are damaged, if the connectors are, check out the repair guides, they explain how to tear the device down. Once you've done so, just bent the connectors so they touch.

Water shorted it out ¶ 

Unfortunately you'll need a new battery, there isn't any fix to this. Please contact local waste management to see how to recycle the battery.

The power button isn't making a connection ¶ 

Sometimes dust can get between the button and the device, please consult one of the repair guides to learn how to tear the device down. Once you've done so use a Que tip to clean both the device and the button.

The power button is stuck ¶ 

Please refer to the previous troubleshooting issue.

Water in housing ¶ 

Water got under the outer-shell.

The rubber seal has corroded ¶ 

In This case, the front of the outer-shell is not making a good enough seal to keep water out. The outer-shell (or at least the front) being replaced is the easiest solution. Making your own makeshift fix may work temporarily, however it may not be reliable in the long term.

The outer-shell has a crack in it ¶ 

There isn't much you can do in this case. There is no way to repair a crack permanently.

The latch isn't pulling the front closed all the way ¶ 

Unfortunately there isn't anything you can do to fix this issue, the latch may be stretched or damaged.

Outer-shell buttons aren't working ¶ 

Pressing the buttons aren't having an effect.

The "hold-switch" is on ¶ 

If you are trying to record and are finding that the button is not doing anything, Then check to see if the "hold" switch (located right next to the record button) is pulled down on the outer-shell. This would lock the "record" button, keeping it from being pressed.

If you do that and find that the checking the hold switch still hasn't fixed your problem, then the "hold" switch might be on on the actual device. You will need to remove the camera from the outer-shell to fix this.

The device buttons do not work ¶ 

Take the device out and look at the buttons as they are pressed. A common occurrence is that the button ends could be damaged or worn down. If this is the issue, replace the housing, as the buttons are held in by glue.

Outer-shell front fell off ¶ 

In this case, you could put the door back on if it not damaged and you have the little pin that keep the latch on.

The bottom tether is broken ¶ 

You'll have to buy a new front door, once this is done remove the pin in the latch. This will allow the only broken latch to come off. Once removed, put the new door tether in the old ones place, and put the button latch back on

The front latch is broken ¶ 

Please follow the instructions above.

The lens won't work properly ¶ 

The video is distorted in some way.

In this case we'll have to take the device apart and troubleshoot why this is happening. There could be one of two issue, issue one, the lens is dead, issue two, the ribbon cable has been disconnected.

Please read one of our guides on to how to take apart the device.

The lens is cracked ¶ 

Please follow the instructions here here and replace the part.

The inside LCD display is damaged ¶ 

Please find our repair guide here for a damaged LCD display.

The lens is disconnected ¶ 

Follow the instructions within the lens isn't working, this will describe how to get to the ribbon cable. Just simply slide it back into place.


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