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Solio Roctsa Troubleshooting

This trouble shooting guide will help you diagnose issues with your Solio Roctsa.

Connected Device is not charging ¶ 

The device I am trying to charge is not charging

Device is not plugged-in ¶ 

It is human nature to forget certain things; thus, you may want to check if the device you’re trying to charge is connected.

Lack of Sunlight ¶ 

For the device to charge, the Solio Rocsta has to be directly facing the sun. In other words, overcast and the angle in which the Rocsta is placed are conditions that will affect the performance of the Rocsta and increase the time needed to charge the connected device.

Dirty Solar Panel ¶ 

Any type of dust or dirt particles encrusted in the solar cell will affect the amount of light absorbed by the cells. Therefore, you may want to brush off that dust on the solar cell; avoid using detergents or abrasive products, but you may use a wet cotton ball to clean the cell's surface as long as you dry it thoroughly.

No indication of Solio’s Battery Level ¶ 

Green LED does not flash to indicate the battery level

Your device could be fine ¶ 

If the green LED is not flashing, this could mean that the battery level is under 20% and you may try charging the Rocsta for 6 or more hours and check the battery level again.

Damaged LED ¶ 

It may be the case that the green LED inside the device could be burnt or broken and needs replacement.

Battery is not connected or no longer holds charge ¶ 

If everything else has failed, it’s time to check the battery. Ensure that the cable linking the battery and the circuit board is properly connected. Depending on how old the battery is, it may have reached the end of its cycle life and will need to be replaced.

Unresponsive DC Input ¶ 

DC input cable is not connected properly ¶ 

It may be the case that the DC input end cable is not all the way in, or it could go the other way around and the end of the cable leading to the device is not connected properly.

Cable Connection Issues ¶ 

The cable being used may be damaged, so it would be a good idea to try a different cable. Otherwise, the internal component could be broken and will need to be replaced.

Unable to connect a device ¶ 

I’ve tried connecting my device, but every attempt has been unsuccessful

Make sure the correct adapter is being used ¶ 

Out of all the adapters that came with the Solio Rocsta, there should be one specifically for the device you’re trying to connect. Check your device's input and match it to the correct adapter.

Proprietary Port is malfunctioning ¶ 

Make sure that the connecting port is not bent or broken, which may prevent an adapter from being connected.

Non-responsive when pressing Charging Indicator Button ¶ 

No matter how many times I press the button, nothing happens (Green LED does not flash)!

Burn Out LED ¶ 

If the Green LED is burnt, the Charging Indicator Button could be working but no reaction will be visible.

Loose connection between Charging Indicator Button and Circuit Board ¶ 

One of the screws in the circuit board is responsible for ensuring that the Charging Indicator Button is responsive. It would be wise to open the device and check to make sure the screw is not loose.


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