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Student-Contributed Wiki

Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Speaker is Dying During Use

The battery on my speaker does not stay charged for a long period of time

Drained/Faulty Battery

If the device turns on then shuts immediately off on its own, the battery could be faulty. The battery could also be corroded after hours of usage and no longer work.

Was Not Charged Completely

The battery may seem to drain quickly if it was not completely charged at start of use. The charging cord may not have been plugged into the wall outlet or the device all the way. Check to make sure it is plugged in all the way and that you charge it to a full 100% before disconnecting. Also, over charging can cause damage to the battery and result in dependence on the power cord.

Volume Buttons are Unresponsive

When pressing the volume buttons on my speaker nothing happens

Broken Buttons

When trying to adjust the volume, the keys can get jammed or wedged. In order to fix this issue, remove the key and make sure nothing is stuck below it. You may need to clean the area underneath and click the key back into place. Click here to go to the replacement guide for the volume button if they are broken.

Improper Button Installation

The pieces inside could have been impaired upon purchase of the device. The volume buttons could have been harmed during shipping or transportation.

Device will not connect to Bluetooth

My speaker does not connect to my phone via bluetooth

Too Many Devices Trying to Connect

The Sol Republic Deck only allows five devices to connect at one time. If you have reached the maximum number of devices allowed to be connected at once, then you will need to disconnect one of the devices before you can connect a new one.

Bluetooth Will Not Recognize Music Sharing Device

Usually when there is an issue with bluetooth pairing, it is a problem with the device (iPhone, iPod, etc.) and not the actual speaker itself. Check to make sure that your music sharing device is not already linked to a different Bluetooth connection. The current operating systems for the music sharing device and the speaker may not be compatible, therefore preventing the two devices from being able to connect. This may require a software update in order for the two to successfully pair.

Speaker Will Not Play When Connected

When pressing play on music sharing device, the speaker does not play the music.

The "M" Play/Pause Button has not been Pressed

If your speaker is not playing music while connected, you may just need to press the "M" button to play the music. This button also allows you to skip songs, answer calls, and enter Heist and Outdoor Mode.

The "M" Button is Unresponsive

If you press the "M" button to play your music and nothing happens the button may be jammed or broken. You can fix this by cleaning around it, or replacing it. If you think your button is broken please follow this link to the replacement guide.

LED Lights on Front (SOL) No Longer Light Up

The LED lights on the front of the speaker do not light up when the device is turned on

Disconnected from Battery Source

If the battery to the device is dead then the LED lights will not be able to light up when turned on. There could also be a short in the wire that is connected to the battery.

Physical Damage to LED Light

LED lights last for approximately 50,000 hours so it is very unlikely that it has reached the end of its useful life. However, there could be water damage to the device resulting in the lights no longer working if anything liquid has been spilled on it. Dropping the device could also cause physical damage to the lights or result in disconnection with the wires. Follow this link if you need to replace the lights.


My shadow stopped connecting to my Galaxy Note 4. When I scan available Bluetooth it doesn't even see the shadow!

Linda Washington - Reply

i charge my speaker but still not full charge????

mlhon santiago - Reply

This sol republic headphones dont have the strips.i bought at second hand store

Pauline Ashley - Reply

Linda, mine stopped working too. I finally stumbled into the cure. I held down the M button on the face of the speaker while I turned the power button on. It said entering a menu and the first option was press M again. It restored to factory settings and my computer found it instantly. CURED!

taxandhammer - Reply

Anyone have issues w low volume?

Cathryn V - Reply

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