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SodaStream Source Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you address problems to better operate your SodaStream Source.

Soda is not Fizzy Enough ¶ 

Finished soda is flat, it does not have enough bubbles.

Water Temperature is Incorrect ¶ 

Using warm water generally results in fewer bubbles. Cold water is recommended for best results.

Start with Carbonated Water ¶ 

Using carbonated water, that is unflavored, will result in more bubbles. You will be adding additional carbonation and the soda will have more overall fizz.

The Loader Tab is Immobile ¶ 

When pressure is applied to the lever, it does not move.

Incorrect Starting Angle ¶ 

The nozzle and tab should be angled away from the SodaStream before the bottle is inserted. The tab may be caught, try gently lifting the tab away from the body of the machine.

Hear Gas Escaping ¶ 

You hear a high pitched noise coming from your machine

Carbonation Canister is Loose ¶ 

If the Carbonation canister is not set firmly, you may hear excess gas leaving the machine. This can be caused by having worn out or too many washers, or if the canister is not screwed in enough. Make sure the canister is securely fastened before and after use.

*Note: Recent carbonation bottles have been recalled due to the possibility of bursting under pressure. If this issue of gas escaping occurs, and your bottle was purchased between Feb. 2016 and Jan. 2017, consider changing out the canister and checking if your bottle was part of the recall.

Gas Tube is Loose ¶ 

The 2" long white gas tube on some models can become loose. This is located in the connection area and goes inside your bottle. You will feel the CO2 escaping as you press the lever on the top of the machine to dispense the gas. Tighten down and proceed as normal.

SodaStream is Unresponsive ¶ 

When trying to operate the SodaStream, nothing happens.

Too Many Sealer Washers ¶ 

If there are too many washers present the carbonation bottle will not be able to hold in place. Be sure to check the carbonation attachment area with tweezers. If you pull out one little black rubber ring and there is a second one present underneath, leave the second one and keep the extra one for future use.

Washer Needs to be Replaced ¶ 

After time, the sealer washer can become less firm in the carbonation attachment area. This will cause the carbonation bottle to shift or not hold firm once attached. To change, take a pair of tweezers and pull the little black rubber ring out of the area where the carbonation bottle attaches to the SodaStream. Replace this with another washer and try to reattach the carbonation bottle. If the bottle holds firm the machine should respond once again.

Nothing Turns On ¶ 

If you are trying to use your SodaStream, and nothing is happening (i.e. there are no lights on your three-level carbonation indicator), you may need to replace the battery or interface chip located within the carbonation button on the front of the machine. See our guide for instructions.

Leaking during carbonation ¶ 

When the SodaStream is operating, there is leaking around the opening of the soda bottle.

Bottle is not in Correct Place ¶ 

Make sure the bottle is completely upright. The carbonation nozzle has downward force and may spray if the bottle is inserted at an angle.

Bottle is not Fully Attached ¶ 

The nozzle must be fully inserted in the clear plastic bottle to avoid leaking. When inserting the bottle go in at an angle, screw in the bottle, then gently push the lever.

Incorrect Starting Liquid ¶ 

Always use water or unflavored carbonated water with your SodaStream. Using other liquids such as juice or a soda that has gone flat you risk damaging your SodaStream. Using other liquids may result in a fizzy mess.


help!! my soda stream metal unit will not slide down over bottle

Roberta Talefich - Reply

Lets get one thing straight

Sodastrem is $@$*

My first top of the line unit POWER failed after 3 months

The next unit I got doesn’t work AT ALL


Richard B -

When I push the buttons, all of the lights flash and nothing happens.

D Farr - Reply

Ditto All the lights are flashing and nothing happens

Trevor Wilkins - Reply

I am having the same problem. Have you found a solution?

Alf Simon -

I’m having the same problem. I replaced my CO2 cartridge and now the lights flash but nothing works and to turn off the lights I have to unplug the machine.

Linda -

Have recently swapped gas bottle. New bottle is not gassing water.

Full bottle of water stored in fridge. Inserted into sodastrem machine, button with 3 lights pressed, see some bubbles in water whilst button held down.

After sodastream finished what its doing the water does not have any bubbles

Norman Anderson - Reply

Try to leave the bottle at the machine for 2 minutes after carbornating then slowly push the lever to get the bottle out.

Jonas Krag -

Mine too!! All lights flashing and have to remove power cable and try to get them to turn off to reset… quite a bit of messing around. Why does this happen and how do I prevent it?? Not a good look for Sodastream to house guests !!

Rosemary Barnet - Reply

Help! Just got a new refill and I can't finish tightening it without it spraying co2 everywhere! If I leave it loose enough (right before it starts spraying) when I try to carbonate my water it just sprays co2 down the canister instead! I don't understand…

Britney Teele - Reply

Did you ever work this out Britney? I’m having the same problem now

B... -

Mine just started doing that too.

Stacy -

We purchased two gas bottles 5 days ago with 60 L gas cylinders, the screen says we are out of gas, replaced it with a new gas bottle and it is saying the same thing! Any ideas?

Helen Smith - Reply

Installed everything according to directions. but no carbonation taking place. Waste of money in my view. Unit is going back to Costco, I won’t bother getting another one.

Gabriel Badger - Reply

Installed cylinder and placed bottles as per simple directions - nothing happened, no carbonation. I don’t feel like messing around with a pressurized gas cylinder to see if there are extra seals as suggested; this thing is a waste of money in my view - it’s going back to Costco and I won’t be getting another one.

Gabriel Badger - Reply

How do you screw in the bottle into the SodaStream source? There are no threads to screw the bottle in. Water is leaking out when I try to carbonate it with the bottle.

Alan Joseph J. Caceres - Reply

Same here. I have to « push the bottle up » by placing my fingers under it and pressing up for the carbonation to occur. I can’t screw it, because there’s nothing to screw, but it’s like if it should be, as if it is too loose or something. Hoping for some guidance!

Marjolaine Frenette -

Has anyine figured this out? Having the same issue with the leaking

Armand Avelar -

You don’t screw the bottle in… there’s a chrome U-shaped tab a few inches long behind where the bottle goes… pull it out and the whole assembly will tilt towards you and open up. Put the bottle threads up into the fitting (it will go in now) then push the bottom of the bottle in to tilt everything vertical again. The fitting will grab the threads of the bottle.

Once you figure it out (like I did) you’ll slap your head because it’s so easy.

John Bridgman -

On the new model, I had a problem with the bottle not releasing after charging, even after I pulled it toward my as directed. This doesn’t screw in - you just put it in, then push the assembly back to charge it. While somewhat clunky, I solved the problem by letting the bottle sit for a few minutes after charging, then pushing the bottle UP and then it comes out.

richardklein61 -

The clear plastic part at thpulls out about 8cm, i was only pulling it out 4, now it does not leak :)

Paul Evans -

Carbonation nozzles not producing anything, however I do hear and feel the co tank kicking out product. How can I get the nozzle to work again? Hope I done have to purchase another one so soon since this was just bought in summer 2014 from Office Depot

Robert Starling III - Reply

I bought a refill at target and it lasted about a week and never seemed to have much fizz?

Dan Mulherin - Reply

I bought a 60

ml refill at target and it never seemed to have much fizz and died after a week

Dan Mulherin - Reply

Crappy refill had nothing in it!

Dan Mulherin - Reply

if your ss in not working you really need to tighten the gas bottle… i mean seriously tight …thats all

its not the refill its the above……… tighten tighten tighten…..

Astrid Miller - Reply

Bought a brand new power - followed the instructions, the lights on unti seem to be working however there’s no carbonation at all . I’ve screwed and unscrewed then rescrewed and tighten the gas bottle without any luck . It’s going back to the store pretty pathetic really

Sasha - Reply

I can’t screw in the refill canister. Am I missing something? I don’t know what to do. Any tips?

Jennie K Leavell - Reply

Nothing happens when I try to twist the bottle in place, it does not stick. As a result, I never get the response sound (1 for mild 3 for strong fizz-sound). Help!

Mia - Reply

The carbonating tube in my machine barely touches the water. Just the silver tip is submerged. Is that causing the no-fizz issue? How do I did it?

Robert Chidwick - Reply

Do Soda streams stop working after a few years? I fizzy the same amount of water a month but one canister only last half the amount of time

Jodie Stevens - Reply

My sodastream is 10 years old and it fizzes too much when I unscrew the bottle from the machine. Is it worn out or is there something else?

Jil Scollard - Reply

No CO2 comes out. New cartridge, buttons work, sounds like it’s working… just no gas comes out.

Bryce Morton - Reply

I attached the bottle, after dispensing the CCO2 I cann’t get the bottle out.

Joseph Blunt Jr. - Reply

I can not get the bottle out of the sodastream.

Joseph Blunt Jr. - Reply

How can I get the bottle out of me sodastream. It seems to be stuck in the machine.

Joseph Blunt Jr. - Reply

Me too, can not get my bottle out of the SodaStream after fizzing operation? Why!!

Linda Bland -

I've swapped out tanks for months now and suddenly have the issue where it seems like too much pressure. I can start the pump, but it pushes back and doesn't seem to work as smoothly. I can carbonate with persistence, but don't want to ruin my pump. Is this just a bad tank or is my unit damaged?

Azykial Haderslev - Reply

I'm having the same issue- it used to work fine. This time around I just replaced the tank and there's a lot of resistance with the carbonation button, so I just get water spurting out everywhere. Anyone have a solution?

Stryagain -

We have had an old sodastream for many many years & it worked perfectly. We just purchased a sodastream source & no matter what we do the water spurts out everywhere. We have read the troubleshooting guide & followed all of the directions but have had no luck.

Anyone can help???

curlyoz77 - Reply

Same here, exact same experience.

jonathan segel -

when I pull out my finished bottle of water. a brown liquid is leaking out of the soda stream? ?Not sure if the carbonated water is safe to drink. I have only used plain water with this soda stream??

mnoon420 - Reply


i hate sodastream

Richard B - Reply

angry as &&^&

Richard B - Reply

turns out, the white immersive carbonating nozzle was loose. give it a good twist clockwise, and see if that works.

Tracy Rowland - Reply

i bought a soda stream that has a refillable gas bottle. It worked great three times and then stopped working. I think that gas ran out.. the bottle said it has 80 fills or something.. not very happy. if i get a new bottle the same thing will prob happen

richard.baylis - Reply

“Start with carbonated water”?!!! Then just why did I bother buying a SodaStream in the first place?

What an absurd suggestion.

Kim G - Reply

Have no power model, just push button to fizz. Bottle leaks out of top like its lost its seal. Can't screw in any tighter?

Jason - Reply

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