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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Sky Thunder HD 8500WH Troubleshooting

Lithium battery expands making it not able to fit inside the drone’s battery port.

Charging the battery after using the drone will cause the battery to expand since the battery will be hot and it will overheat the battery if you immediately charge it causing the Lithium battery to produce gases that will expand the battery. To avoid this wait for battery to cool off naturally.

When charging the lithium battery make sure to use the charger that came with the drone in the box. Using a different type of charger may cause the battery to expand due to a possible difference in voltage.

Overcharging the battery will cause the battery to expand. To avoid this, after complete drone use, make sure to only charge the battery for the specified amount of time in the directions that comes with the drone. If battery has already expanded, order another battery because it is unsafe to try and fix a battery that has already expanded.

In order to fly the drone you need to download the app and pair it to the drone.

Make sure both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is on so it can pair with your drone.If one is on and the other is off the drone somehow be unresponsive.

You must stay in range when pairing the drone.If you are too far from the drone,the drone will not responsive to any control you attempt to make on the drone. Even after it is paired to your phone you must stay in range or else it will fly away.

Drone powers on at full power and flies away instantly.

After calling the service number provided on the box, they can tell you if it is a problem with the motherboard or not and if it is they will send you a NEW syma x8c replacement drone.

When the drone flies away it is more complicated than just a hardware problem or a part that needs to be replaced. If the drone has flown away it is a software problem and needs to be sent back to whoever sold the product.


someone can help me to get the user manual??


JOSE - Reply

What ypy need from it maby i can email you pics of pages

sreaumejr -

Someone having issues with the drone not flashing to connect to the contorller when you trun it on ive trunned it off and on and got new battery chagerd it up and still the light stay solid ?? Any help would help

sreaumejr - Reply

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