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SiriusXM Onyx Troubleshooting

Model XDNX1V1

Device does not load the Operating System or takes you to an error message

SiriusXM Onyx uses an adapter as its power source. Make sure the device is connected to the adapter correctly.

If the adapter is connected correctly but the device still does not power on, there might be something wrong with the motherboard. Use this guide to replace it.

The device randomly shuts down and fails to stay on.

If your device unexpectedly shuts down, there may be an issue with the power cord, or you may have accidentally clicked the power button. Also check if the device is still connected to power.

Another possible cause for random shut downs is the sleep timer. This device has a sleep timer feature that shuts down the device after a selected time. Make sure the sleep timer is turned off if the device keeps shutting down unexpectedly.

If the device still shuts down unexpectedly with power connected correctly and sleep timer turned off , the motherboard may be faulty; use this guide to replace it.

Buttons are unresponsive or unable to be pressed.

If the buttons seem "sticky," dust or debris may have gotten trapped within the crevice between the buttons. To fix this, first turn off the device and unplug it from any something. Saturate the tip of a Q-tip with isopropyl alcohol. Clean the area surrounding the buttons with the Q-tip to get rid of any foreign materials that may have gotten stuck.

Another option would be to use a compressed air duster to blow away the debris.

If your device is completely missing some buttons, replace the buttons with this guide.

If the buttons are not responding, there is the possibility that the motherboard is not functioning so the buttons can not give it the correct instructions. Replace the motherboard with this guide.

The screen of the device fails to display items properly, the screen has been damaged, or the screen appears black even though the device still functions otherwise.

If there are clearly visible cracks or black spots on the screen, consider replacing it with this guide as a damage glass can cause potential hazard

If the screen is not turning on, or faint images can be seen in extremely dark lighting, yet all the buttons seems responsive and the device is function, this could indicate a shattered or damaged LED screen. Replace the screen with this guide.


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