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Shark Rocket Professional Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page is for the NV480 model.

The vacuum leaves particles on the ground

Although the tube running from the handle of the vacuum may not be torn, the tube at the bottom of the vacuum might have a hole in it. If you suspect this might be the case, please check this guide to replace the tube.

Unfortunately the Shark Rocket doesn’t have an infinite carrying capacity, so you have to empty it occasionally. Looking at your vacuum, the dust cup is the large cylinder with a grey handle. If it is please check out the guide here.
Note: Make sure to do this over a trash can.

Your vacuum’s dust filter might be dirty. The dust filter is one of four filters that the Shark Ninja Professional has, and the filter is located inside of the Dust Cup. Use this guide to remove the filter, clean it, and reinstall the filter.

Despite what the front of the vacuum says, the vacuum does lose suction. You will want to check your devices foam filters to see if they are excessively dirty or old. To access the filters use the removing secondary filters guide. Along the neck of the vacuum are instructions to clean and dry the filters every month. It is good practice to remove excess dirt from the filters occasionally as well.

It might be the case that your HEPA filter is old and dirty. Replacements are available from the SharkNinja website. To check your HEPA filter use the HEPA filter replacement guide. If the filter is dirty you will need to replace it using the same guide as above.

Something you may have vacuumed up might be stuck in the tubes. To check, follow the hose replacement guide and with the hose removed check for debris.

The power button does not activate vacuum

It might sound silly, but check to make sure your vacuum is plugged into an outlet. If it is, make sure it works by pressing the orange “power button.”

If you suspect overheating has occurred, unplug your vacuum, and let it cool down for 30 minutes. If you believe the vacuum should have cooled down, and it still doesn’t work, check these guides to fix the motor or rotary belt.

If you suspect electric short has occurred in your vacuum, check to see if electricity is flowing from the outlet. If there is, then follow this guide to repair the vacuum motor and computer.

The vacuum is powered on, but the roller brush is not spinning.

The vacuum might be on the wrong setting. Make sure that the light above the the “Brush-Roll” button is lit. If it isn’t, then try pressing it.

Something might have gotten stuck in the brush. This commonly happens when long materials such as hair or string get stuck in the brush. To fix this, unplug the vacuum and turn it upside-down so that the floor nozzle is facing up towards you. Without disassembling anything, take some scissors and start cutting bits of debris out. You may have to turn the brush manually to get all of it out. Repeat until all the debris has been removed.

It might be the case that the lower tube of your vacuum is not connected inside of the floor nozzle of the vacuum. To check you can use the floor hose replacement guide to make sure that it is properly connected.

The vacuum does not roll smoothly over surfaces

The vacuum has four wheels: two large wheels and two small wheels. Check to see if any of these wheels seem broken. If so, follow this guide to replace them them.

Flip your vacuum upside down to see if there is anything stuck in any of the wheels. Pull the debris out and test if the vacuum rolls smoothly. If it doesn’t, follow this guide to replace the wheel

Power off the vacuum to deactivate the brushroll. Restart the vacuum by using the power button so that the vacuum uses suction only cleaning.

The vacuum makes an abnormal high pitched tone

You can use the vacuum hose replacement guide to check for any debris in the hose.

There is a rare chance that your rotary belt has become loose and broke. This may occur if you have dropped the vacuum, or repeatedly slam the floor nozzle on a hard surface. To check if this is the case, turn the floor nozzle vertically so that the brush is facing towards you. Remove all screws using a T15 screw head to open up the panel. When you do this, you will reveal the main electronics compartment of the vacuum. For more detailed instructions, please follow this guide

Make sure that all vacuum accessories are securely attached. If an accessory is loose or has a crack in it, the vacuum can produce a whistling noise. If you made sure the accessories are connected properly and the whistling noise still occurs, then an accessory may need to be replaced due to a crack.

Look in the dust cup to make sure it is empty and clean. If you’ve cleaned the dust cup and replaced the filter inside, the vacuum hose might have a tear in it. Use the hose replacement guide to replace it if you find a hole.

The vacuum produces a burning smell or smoke while in use

If the rotary belt is loose/broken, it might be grinding against the inside of the vacuum. If this is the case, turn off the vacuum and follow this guide to take it apart .

If you vacuumed a lit cigarette or anything similar by chance, embers can be emitted and potentially start a fire. Use the dust cup guide to remove the dust cup's contents in a safe place. Nothing should be damaged due to the filter being non-flammable , but you should replace the filter using the HEPA and secondary filter replacement guides.

Feel the wire insulation surrounding the cable. If it feels hot, unplug the vacuum and let it rest for 30 minutes to an hour. If the problem persists, follow this guide to check on the motor.


My vacuum stopped advancing forward abruptly. I turned it off checked to make sure everything was attached securely, emptied the canister, and cleaned the brush roll of debris. The brush roll turns easily when turned by hand. The indicator light above the button is on, but the light on the bottom right is not lit. Not sure what else to look for. Please advise.

Kathy Massee - Reply

My vacuum has quit working. I haven't even had it a year yet, and was wondering if someone could help me?? The rollers are working but it's not suctioning. And when I sit it upright there is nothing but the power light is still on. I've made sure the hose isn't stopped up, the canister was empty, and the filter is clean… I have no clue what else I can do to fix it

Amanda Pelfrey - Reply

Did you figure it out?

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