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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

This troubleshooting page will pin point and help solve problems with the Samsung SmartCam HD.

Dark Display ¶ 

Video display while recording remains dark.

Night Vision ¶ 

Open General Menu under camera settings to enable the Night Vision option and activate Infrared (IR) lighting. This should deliver a clear black and white video.

NOTE! You WILL experience poor video quality if you disable the Night Vision option at night. The video will NOT switch to black and white mode.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) ¶ 

Open General Menu under camera settings to enable the WDR option to activate the backlight compensation function.

Micro Secure Digital card not recognized ¶ 

Incompatible microSD card.

Compatible MicroSD Cards ¶ 

NOTE! If you are using a microSD card from a different manufacturer please contact our customer service center. The following microSD cards are compatible: SanDisk, Transcend - Storage capacity: up to 128GB - At least Class 6 speed, supports UHS, MLC memory type, FAT 32 file system (NTFS not supported).

Failure to Recognize MicroSD Card ¶ 

If the inserted microSD card has been used in another IT device or digital camera it may fail to recognize the microSD card. If this happens, format microSD card first and then try again with a USB reader or SD conversion adapter.

NOTE! Platforms for the SmartCam camera models are not unified. The SmartCam can fail to recognize the microSD card. If this happens, move the data in the microSD card to the PC first, format the microSD card, and then try again.

Interruptions During Recording ¶ 

Experiencing delays while recording.

To view in high resolution (1080p), a network connection of at least 3.0 Mbps.

Poor WiFi Signal ¶ 

When the Wi-Fi signal received by the camera from the router is weak, the video may not be interrupted or delayed. Move the camera to a place near the router and check the strength of the Wi-Fi signal in the menu of the camera settings.

Livestream Error Message ¶ 

Error message "There was a problem retrieving live-streaming" pops up.

Mobile Networking ¶ 

Check your connection and if required, switch from mobile network to WiFi.

Factory Default ¶ 

Force restart SmartThings application on mobile device. If the problem still persists, press the white reset button on the back of the Hub in order to hard restart device.


Smartcam will not connect to wifi anymore since yesterday March 21, 2018. The red light is always on. Have tried RESET as well as pressing the WIFI button at the back.

Kim B - Reply

I have the very same issue at about the same time is when it started. Can't find anything on the net to fix it.

Nicholas -

Same issue here as well. Has anyone found a fix?

Mick -

try to remove the memory card..cause if its full the camera will offline… mine now work perfectly..

indra_ssq -

Yeah me too!

Kal808 - Reply

How are we ever gonna fix this issue??

Kal808 - Reply

How is this issue going to be fix having the same problem as the other 2 comments

jose acuna - Reply

We have the same issue, red light stays on and can not connect.

Darci Grimm - Reply

Same problem here!

mjw064 - Reply

Same problem here, tried to reset, but the red light always on!

andynyc2003 - Reply

Same problem:(


Similar problem here… camera worked for several months then dropped offline. It wouldn’t reconnect. I tried a factory reset but it cannot make it through the wifi setup stage. The yellow lights stays lit but the setup network never appears (DIRECT-CAM-XXXX).

Roland Schumann - Reply

Cannot connect to wifi after firmware update. Updated on 3 cameras and now all 3 does not work. Tried resetting and adding as new camera, still nothing.

just4moomoo - Reply

Same here, SmartCam has constant red light, powering it down and back up or resetting I can sometimes get blinking red. WiFi button will sometimes give yellow light, but the WiFi does not show on my phone’s WiFi list. I’m trying a direct Ethernet connection now, maybe that will help it access another firmware update?

Heath Connett - Reply

I am having the same problem with my two cameras. So fustrated. Is there a fix?

Mick -

try to remove the memory card..cause if its full the camera will offline… mine now work perfectly..sorry for my bad engglish

indra_ssq -


Delete “DIRECT-CAM-XXXX” from the Wi-Fi network list and try again

Yogesh Sehgal - Reply

Anyone have issues with the SmartCam cameras corrupting their flash drives to the point they can no longer be formatted, even on a PC? If so, how did you correct this?

Marauder - Reply

I am having the same problem. Two SmartCam HD’s showing red LED, then after a few minutes will blink 6 times and then go back to red. Not responding to factory reset or wifi. So mad right now as these were working just fine. I have tried pretty much everything. However, limited info on the led codes. Has anyone found a fix for this issue?

Mick - Reply

mine also has same issues then i found the problem was the memory card is full..after remove it its back online..

if you have delete your camera you can add again with same step to adding new camera..hope this information can solve you problem..

indra_ssq -

indra_ssq  keeps on saying it is the SD card - but I have the problem with or without one

John Gud - Reply

indra_ssq is right. Mine was working for more than 2 years, and got the solid red LED yesterday. Came across this thread and took the SD card out, reboot and it came back online. Turns out my SD card went bad, it couldn’t even be recognized by my PC.

Simon -

Numerous problems and errors. Worked GREAT for a few months., then Wouldnt connect. Moved it to a room closer to the router. Connects now, but shows a triangle symbol on the screen , and it gives me motion alerts every few minutes in an empty room. I bouught a $25 Wyze that works much better so far. JS

robinvosbury - Reply

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