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Samsung SmartCam HD Pro Troubleshooting

Model Number: SNH-P6410BN

The power light is off and the camera won't record ¶ 

The camera will not turn on

Power Adaptor is not plugged in ¶ 

Make sure that the power adaptor is plugged in. The security camera is not battery operated and it must be plugged in at all times.

Faulty Power Adaptor ¶ 

If the camera is plugged in, but is still not receiving power, then you need to replace the power adapter.

Picture is blurry ¶ 

After recording, the saved video does not have a clear image or there are small artifacts in the image.

Dirty Camera lens ¶ 

The camera lens may have dirt built-up, or other artifacts in the way. You can either replace the lens or clean it.

Replace Camera Lens ¶ 

If your lens needs replacing, our guide will show you how.

After falling on ground, camera no longer works ¶ 

If you happened to drop the camera, and it now behaves unexpectedly, there now may be internal electrical issues.

Wires have been pulled internally ¶ 

There are a few different parts of the device that communicate with wires that can be disconnected. A hard force might be able to knock them out of place

Camera without memory ¶ 

The Samsung Smartcam HD Pro will not save any videos to memory

There is no SD card inserted in the camera ¶ 

The camera can only save video when an SD card with available memory is in the device

The SD card is inserted but not reading ¶ 

The card may be improperly inserted in the slot, or the slot might need to be cleaned of something obstructing it.

Camera won't record in dark conditions ¶ 

The Samsung Smartcam HD Pro is recording, but the video is a black screen

and that there are not any obstructions in front of the lens

The IR LEDs aren't functioning ¶ 

The LEDs might be broken or might no longer be plugged in to the rest of the device.

Our guide will show you how to replace the LEDs.


Camera connects to the network when plugged in to the router but not wirelessly even after several attempts to factory reset and add the router password.

Greg Eckhard - Reply

Red light comes on but never blinks don’t care how long I wait My iPhone will not discover it

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I have the same problem, have you found a solution yet?

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