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Samsung Series 7XE700T1A Troubleshooting

The Samsung Series 7XE700T1A was made in August of 2011 in China.

Your home button is too sensitive

If your power button is being faulty, you can replace it with an app from the app store that overrides the issue by giving you access to your home button and other utilities from your screen. This allows you to no longer worry about pressing to hard on your home button or if your home button stop working. Some apps that can help with this are My Home Button, Easy Touch, and Button savior.

Your charging port isn't charging

Sometimes the port can get clogged with small debris. If this is the case take a small brush or toothpick to clear out the debris. Do not use anything metal and be gentle when clearing debris so you do not damage the inside of the port. Liquid can also get trapped in the port as well. If this happens take a small piece of a paper towel and roll it up to fit in the port and clear out the liquid.

If you need a new port, you can replace it yourself. After buying a new port piece, take off the back of the tablet to reach the inside. Then you can unscrew the faulty charging port and screw in the newly bought port.

Is there even adjustable sound on this?

When performing troubleshooting for the volume button be careful to consider all possibilities. Are you sure the volume button is the source of the problem? Was your device recently damaged (factors of damage may include but are not limited to heat, dropping, water damage, shock, pressure, etc…). If so the volume button may not be the source of the problem. Is your device due for a potential software update? Perhaps are the speakers not functional rather than the actual volume button not working? If all the above have been considered then it is feasible to proceed to begin replacing the volume button.

The power button on my device isn't working.

For some owners, they buy a protective case that could potentially hinder the power button from coming out of its slot once pressed down. If you have one around it, try taking the case off of the device to see if the button was just constantly being pushed down.

If you want to replace the power button on your device, go online to; there is a video that will help you through every step to change out the power button. You will need the required tools in order to complete this task.


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